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we are so very pleased with Emily, our guide, and Mr. Su, our driver. They are friendly, professional, accommodating, and nice. They have made this... See More
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Nanjing - capital city of six dynasties; a city of universal lover; come here and trace the history's steps.
Turn to another kind of lifestyle at the economic downturn. Visit the last resting-on-water town to regain your inner peace out of current turmoil.
  • 2012 Chinese Spring Festival -- The Year of Dragon
  • Shanghai 4-day Family Tour
  • Beijing Join-in Group Tour
  • Guilin Yangshuo 4 Days Tour
  • Shanghai Colorful Nightlife Tour B Line acrobatic show
  • Shanghai Bus Tour A - Shanghai Highlights Day Trip
  • 2012 Chinese Spring Festival
  • Shanghai 4-day Family Tour
  • Beijing Join-in Group Tour
  • Guilin Yangshuo 4 Days Tour
  • Shanghai Colorful Nightlife Tour B Line acrobatic show
  • Shanghai Group Tour
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Tourochina is a leading travel agency and tour operator in China with more than twenty years of professional travel service. Because of our dedication and commitment to your needs, we are able to offer you better quality of service at lower prices than other operators. We provide hundreds of elaborately pre-designed China tour packages, and we also provide customized travel service that is organized according to your specific needs and requirements.Our tours are professionally guided, intimate, and safe.
China has been endowed with a myriad of tourist attractions by the nature and its long history. In Classic China, we choose the most popular combination of them so that you may get a general but impressive idea about China within limited time.
Yangtze River Cruise: An ideal retreat for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle in city life. Addict yourself in breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery and abundant historical heritages. Enjoy extremely pleasing onboard experience.
Shanghai, the biggest city in China, is well-known not only for its cosmopolitan feature, but also for its humanistic resources. It can cover your diverse interest, whether you are a businessman or a sightseeing traveller. As a professional agency in Shanghai tour, TOC has the ability and also the confidence to make your Shanghai tour worthy your dollar.
Customized Tours
  • Beijing


    Political center and one of Four Great Ancient Capitals
  • Shanghai


    Largest Metropolitan area and Fashion Capital
  • Suzhou


    Cradle of Wu culture and famous for its gardens
  • Hangzhou


    Paradise on earth, West Lake scenery is amazing
  • Xi'an


    Birthplace of ancient civilization in Yellow River Basin area
  • Guilin


    Tourist wonderland by its mountains and waters
  • Yunnan


    Place of eternal spring and flower with mild climate
  • Tibet


    Overland journey in Roof of the World, Potala Palace
  • Nanjing


    Capital of Ming Dynasty, Historic and culture city
  • Huangshan


    Marvel scenery created by God blended with Huizhou Culture

Chinaese Culture

Traditionally, Chinese culture was dominated by a Confucianist literati, who praised love of learning and moral fortitude. Opera, tea, Chi-pao and chopstick are symbols of Chinese traditional culture. Today, though traditional arts are regaining their former importance most Chinese spend their free time quite differently.
Tea Culture
Festivals & Customs
  • The Chinese Festivals occur throughout the Lunar year. To participate in a traditional Chinese festival is an special experience of authentic Chinese culture.

  • About Festivals & Customs
Chinese Arts
  • Chinese literature extends back thousands of years, is characterized by a long tradition of realism and reached its crest in the period of Tang Dynasty.

  • Wuxi 1 Day Tour
  • About Literature
Chinese Kungfu
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