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 12 days
 Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Refresh yourself in the picturesque sceneries in South China. Then proceed to the hometown of the lovely panda-Chengdu, Sichuan. Also in this itinerary you have the chance to explore the verdant Mt. Emei. It is a very famous for its Taoist relics and various animals inhabiting in the mountain.
Ethnic Minority Experience + Mt. Emei 12 Days
 16 days
 Tibet, land of mystery, is the highlight of this 16-day tour. Also we choose famous mountains to cater for your interest in China religious culture. Beautiful culture is another namecard of China. So we add Guilin in this itinerary. Get yourself relaxed in Guilin's pure beauty. The last stop of this tour is Hong Kong – international metropolis.
16-day Tour Tibet, Famous Religious Mountains and Beautiful Guilin
 14 days
 Spend 16 days to Beijing-the host city of 2008 Olympics, Xi'an-a city with a history of thousands of years, and Tibet- a land full of mystery. It is surly worthy of your valuable time.
14-day Tour to Hongkong, Guilin and Tibet
from : US $610.00
6 Days Kung Fu Panda Tour
 6 days
 If you like the Hollywood movie Kung Fu Panda, this six-day tour is your best choice. Enjoy a Kung Fu show in Beijing; then go to pandas' hometown - Chengdu to get a close contact with them.
6 Days Kung Fu Panda Tour
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