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July 24 2009(GMT+08:00)
Astronomy big winner on dark day
THE weather may have cast a shadow over the total solar eclipse in Shanghai yesterday morning, but there was a silver lining. Astronomers said while the poor view ruined the party for many, the...  Detail
July 22 2009(GMT+08:00)
Millions prepare for solar eclipse
MILLIONS of people across Asia will witness the longest total solar eclipse of this century, as vast swaths of India and China, the entire city of Shanghai, and southern Japanese islands are plunged...  Detail
July 21 2009(GMT+08:00)
This is one of four most wide-spread and influential Chinese legends, which was first fictionalized by Feng Menglong in Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644). The basic story was set in early Southern Song...  Detail
July 21 2009(GMT+08:00)
Peace in our time: Iconic hotel, Jazz Bar and lots of luxe
THE much-loved Peace Hotel on the Bund - arguably the most famous hotel in China and at one time in Asia - has been shut for renovations for almost three years. Details of the restoration have been...  Detail
July 18 2009(GMT+08:00)
Reflections on water
Water, water everywhere, and every drop is cherished. Wuyuan is crisscrossed with many beautiful rivers, which, in ancient times, served as major channels for transport. Logs, bamboo and tea were...  Detail
July 17 2009(GMT+08:00)
Teens' eclipse guidebook applauded
A GUIDEBOOK for observing the July 22 solar eclipse written by three Chinese teenagers has been commended by Jay Pasachoff, head of the Solar Eclipse Working Group of the International Astronomical...  Detail
July 14 2009(GMT+08:00)
Cultural diamonds rise above coal dust
Datong has been synonymous with the nation's major coal production base over the past decades, producing more than 2.3 billion tons of coal. However, the 2,300-year-old city's multifarious cultural...  Detail
July 12 2009(GMT+08:00)
Mix and match to travel light
At least two bikinis, a handful of party outfits and something casual for a trip into the city. The clothes needed on vacation could fill an entire closet. But all this has to go in only one suitcase...  Detail
July 11 2009(GMT+08:00)
Hot property
Despite 39 C heat last weekend the Yunju Buddhist Temple in the southwest of Beijing received a record number of visitors. Yun Guirong, director of the administration of cultural relics at Yunju...  Detail
July 10 2009(GMT+08:00)
The park that time forgot
Just a hop, skip and a jump away in the city's northern Baoshan district, Shanghai residents can appreciate the ancient beauty of historical Anhui architecture at the Scarlet Ecological Leisure Park...  Detail
July 09 2009(GMT+08:00)
Eco-tourism in China
If you love outings and photography, join Smiley China, an interactive program launched by National Geographic Traveler (NGT) magazine. The program, which will last from June to September, invites...  Detail
July 09 2009(GMT+08:00)
Shanghai guide: Fun under the sun
Hydro Power: Wakeboarding Imagine the breeze blowing through your hair as you are dragged along a lake at speeds of up to 30 km/h on a surfboard while you try to weave left and right and somersault...  Detail
July 08 2009(GMT+08:00)
Tasting Slovenian Cuisine Right at the Source
LEAVE the highway from Ljubljana and wend your way west through the lush, vineyard-dotted region of southwestern Slovenia known as the Karst, and eventually you will come upon the tiny village of...  Detail
July 07 2009(GMT+08:00)
The Land and Words of Mary Oliver, the Bard of Provincetown
BY half-past 5 on a morning in early May, the sun rising over Blackwater Pond had already brightened the pine woods. I stood in a wide natural path, carpeted with brown-red needles, that rises up the...  Detail
July 05 2009(GMT+08:00)
New Day for Shanghai Nights
"BRING in the boys!” an announcer howled on a recent Saturday afternoon at Cotton’s, a bar in Shanghai. The occasion was a daylong celebration with drag shows, Chinese opera performances,...  Detail
July 04 2009(GMT+08:00)
Hunting for Treasure in Paris’s Marchés aux Puces
A teddy bear missing an eye. An Air France handbag. Empty tins of Soviet-era caviar. Tripods and traffic lights. A lava lamp. Fur coats and cheap suits. A bad painting of ships under full sail. Piles...  Detail
July 03 2009(GMT+08:00)
Turkish Airlines extends Shanghai connections
TURKISH Airlines launched five weekly direct flights from Shanghai to Istanbul today cultivating the growing demand in East China. An A340 jet will serve the route, which will depart from Shanghai at...  Detail
July 03 2009(GMT+08:00)
Expo ticket stampede begins
THE tickets for the first three days of visits to the Shanghai World Expo are either sold out or in short supply. Yesterday marked the first day that selling began to the public around the world via...  Detail
July 02 2009(GMT+08:00)
5-star hotels in Yalong Bay
Gloria Resort Sanya is first Chinese deluxe resort in Yalong Bay. Offering 404 well-equipped rooms and suites that boast breathtaking views of the South China Sea or overlook the natural greenery of...  Detail
July 01 2009(GMT+08:00)
Expo ticket advice: buy early
THE Shanghai World Expo organizer suggests people buy peak-day tickets to the 2010 event "as early as possible." The tickets would be in limited quantity in high demand, a senior Expo official...  Detail
June 30 2009(GMT+08:00)
Ultimate in seaside luxury
Imagine bathing in your balcony while enjoying the sunset! A stay at the Kempinski Spa & Resort Sanya makes this a possibility. No matter what kind of room you choose - standard or suite - you can...  Detail
June 27 2009(GMT+08:00)
Great thinkers will enliven Tube trips
THE next train is for Heathrow Airport, via Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus - and spiritual enlightenment. London commuters in Britain are being offered the words of great thinkers including...  Detail
June 26 2009(GMT+08:00)
Free tour packages outlawed
SHANGHAI has banned travel agencies from offering free tour packages to protect tourists from forced shopping trips and sub-standard service, Shanghai Tourism Administration said yesterday. Dao...  Detail
June 25 2009(GMT+08:00)
Tourism festival
A tourism festival gets underway on June 20 at the Zushan scenic spot (pictured) in the coastal city of Qinhuangdao, Hebei province. The local Wanghai Temple, which was first built in the Liao and...  Detail
June 25 2009(GMT+08:00)
Where flowers, grass dance to your tunes
Yunnan has given birth to some of China's greatest dancers, but you'll never guess who your next dance partner will be. It could be grass. Scientists out on field trips noticed it when they relaxed...  Detail
June 24 2009(GMT+08:00)
Summit of Chinese adventurers
The Olympic torch's spectacular journey to the top of Mt Qomolangma last year highlighted how far Chinese climbers have risen in the past 50 years. The All-China Federation of Trade Unions sent four...  Detail
June 23 2009(GMT+08:00)
Singing praises of Puxian Opera
AS a well-known clown of Puxian Opera, Chen Chun performs year-round, except for two or three days during the Chinese Lunar New Year. "The audience expects to see me," says Chen, 45, who has been an...  Detail
June 18 2009(GMT+08:00)
Why climb mountains? Because they are there
Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, 8,844 meters, located on the border between Nepal and the Tibet autonomous region, China, is the highest mountain in the world. It attracts all levels of...  Detail
June 17 2009(GMT+08:00)
Luxury service with a smile and five-star style
THE international serviced apartment company Oakwood is on a mission to bring a new level of accommodation and amenities to business travelers, overseas company executives, foreign consultants and...  Detail
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