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September 20 2010(GMT+08:00)
Haining is home to one of China s most spectacular sights - the Qiantang River tides. Millions of tourists from China and overseas are drawn to the city of Haining in Zhejiang province every year to...  Detail
September 19 2010(GMT+08:00)
With the Shanghai Shopping Festival in full swing, now is time to grab some bargains. With the arrival of the Shanghai Shopping Festival (running until Oct 7), many department stores and malls in...  Detail
September 17 2010(GMT+08:00)
A Chinese consulting corporation Horizon-China has released a ranking of 10 sexiest cities in China based on a series surveys of 30. Shanghai tops the list for its prosperity while Hong Kong and...  Detail
September 17 2010(GMT+08:00)
A Chinese consulting corporation Horizon-China has released a ranking of 10 sexiest cities in China based on a series surveys of 30. Shanghai tops the list for its prosperity while Hong Kong and...  Detail
September 16 2010(GMT+08:00)
Ordos might be a frontier tourist town but its fascinating mix of deserts, grasslands, history and culture makes it an ideal destination for the adventurous traveler. Most visitors to Ordos are...  Detail
September 15 2010(GMT+08:00)
HONG Kong : China s leading online travel service said the country s tourism industry is booming, and it expects a 50 per cent jump in mainland customers travelling to Hong Kong this year. That will...  Detail
September 14 2010(GMT+08:00)
Taiwan plans to allow individual tourists mainland China to travel to the region — possibly on February 17, 2011, the time of the annual Lantern Festival. A senior official from the local...  Detail
September 13 2010(GMT+08:00)
After shooting the Forbidden City for the last 17 years, celebrity photographer Li Shaobai has turned his lens on women. How is the Forbidden City like a beautiful woman? Celebrity photographer Li...  Detail
September 10 2010(GMT+08:00)
Climbing the Great Wall is a major part of everyone s itinerary when visiting China. While most head to the Badaling section to marvel at the fascinating history of one of the greatest wonders of the...  Detail
September 09 2010(GMT+08:00)
Still trying to figure out where to go for a break during the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holidays? You might think about heading to Caishiji Scenic Park in Anhui province, a...  Detail
September 08 2010(GMT+08:00)
There were three young men who worked in a temple and formed a male bond, the kind typical in ancient China. They addressed one another as "brother". They shared a voracious appetite as they were...  Detail
September 06 2010(GMT+08:00)
Located north of Ordos, the most developed city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xiangshawan (Resonant Sand Bay) Desert appeals to thousands of visitors for its stunning beauty and mysterious...  Detail
September 03 2010(GMT+08:00)
As summer s heat begins to turn to pleasant autumn weather, what better way to enjoy the cooler temperatures and clearer skies than to spend some time outdoors? For those looking for a weekend...  Detail
September 02 2010(GMT+08:00)
Feasting on the Great Wall under the stars is the stuff of dreams for many visitors to Beijing. Alexis Hooi takes the experience further by joining a group of horseback riders to scale a little-known...  Detail
September 01 2010(GMT+08:00)
Huangshan has spectacular landscape, well known for its four unique scenes: interesting shaped rocks, waterfalls, unique shaped pine trees growing out of rocks, and its sea of clouds. Huangshan,...  Detail
August 31 2010(GMT+08:00)
Your passport to the latest destinations and airline promotions Wuyi Mountain welcomes tourists The Wuyi Mountain scenic region is once again ready for tourists after extraordinarily heavy rainfall...  Detail
August 30 2010(GMT+08:00)
New evening cruises offer an entertaining and different perspective of Shanghai. At Suzhou Creek s Danba Road Pier, the Suzhou Cruise No 1 cuts a delightful figure. The small boat s sleek lines...  Detail
August 27 2010(GMT+08:00)
Riding an early morning bus with a dozen Tibetans in Nedong county feels surreal. Listening to them make small talk in their own language feels even more unreal. While the morning ride is commonplace...  Detail
August 26 2010(GMT+08:00)
The three-day Hotelex Beijing 2010, or Beijing International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Exhibition, gets underway today at the China National Convention Center. As an extension of the biggest...  Detail
August 25 2010(GMT+08:00)
In the kungfu world there is a saying: "In the North, Shaolin holds sway; in the South, Wudang rules". In recent years, however, Shaolin Temple and its kungfu have become better known thanks to...  Detail
August 24 2010(GMT+08:00)
The Amergence Group announced that its subsidiary PanPacific International will be launching the “PanPacific Travel Network” which is an interactive, electronic concierge service for...  Detail
August 23 2010(GMT+08:00)
The Shangri-La s Summit Wing luxury hotel has finally opened on the upper floors of Beijing s highest building, the 81-story China World Tower 3. The hotel does not have a conventional lobby for...  Detail
August 20 2010(GMT+08:00)
During summer, the Jinshan district, just an hour s drive from downtown Shanghai, might well be the perfect place for a relaxing weekend for harried and hot Shanghainese. In fact, nature at Jinshan...  Detail
August 19 2010(GMT+08:00)
There is a coffee house in Beijing s Chaowai SOHO that looks as if it was teleported from the Friends set. In fact, China Daily has videos on its website showing the American sitcom fans scrambling...  Detail
August 18 2010(GMT+08:00)
In a city with a host of five-star hotels, one hotel has found a way to stand out from the crowd. The Grand Central Hotel Shanghai has gone beyond the typical grand atrium lobby, the exotic plants...  Detail
August 17 2010(GMT+08:00)
China Eastern Airlines (CEA), the nation s third largest air carrier, is giving new wings to Yunnan province s lucrative tourism market with the launch of its local subsidiary. CEA s Yunnan branch...  Detail
August 16 2010(GMT+08:00)
Astride the Yangtze River and close to Anhui province s esteemed Yellow Mountain stands the famous Buddhist mountain of Jiuhua. With its cool breezes, flavorful food and religious solemnity, a...  Detail
August 13 2010(GMT+08:00)
Chinese travelers envious of Ben Southall, the British man enjoying six months on the idyllic Hamilton Island, courtesy of Tourism Australia s "Best Job in the World" competition, will be pleased to...  Detail
August 12 2010(GMT+08:00)
As the summer sun casts short shadows onto packed streets, METRO has the low-down on how to escape. If you have your weekends free this summer, why not get out the city to explore Beijing s...  Detail
August 11 2010(GMT+08:00)
It was a mysterious stone associated with affluence and prosperity, a precious jewel that could channel luck through potent veins of green delight. Today, the iconic gem of China is part of the...  Detail
Total: 23 < 1 2 3 4 5 6 > »

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