Victoria Cruises
Victoria Cruises, the largest five star fleet on the Yangtze.
▪An American-managed company
International multi-lingual cruise directors
▪ Every cabin on premier ships has a private balcony for viewing the Three Gorges scenery
▪Chinese dinner banquets served in elegant single seating
▪ Onboard activities feature lectures on Chinese history and culture, Tai Chi lessons, and calligraphy demonstrations
▪Unique evening entertainment based on ancient Chinese traditions
▪ Narrative by knowledgeable river guides while sailing through the Three Gorges
President Cruises

 The President Yangtze Series Cruise are international luxury fleet managed by the Wuhan Yangtze Cruises Co, Ltd. As a professional cruise company on Yangtze River in China, President Yangtze Series Cruise Company owns 7 deluxe cruises of Three Gorges, which all have been approved by the China Classification Society, China Tourism Bureau and the National SMS system.


China Regal Cruises
Regal China Cruises consist three elegant, state-of-the-art vessels: Princess Jeannie, Princess Elaine and Princess Sheena. China Regal Cruises is the onlyYangtze River cruise company to be recognized with an award from Travel Weekly due to its high standard.
Dragon Cruise

A 5-star archaized imperial style cruise ship constructed in 1996; Dragon Cruise is the only dragon shaped deluxe ship sailing on Yangtze River. For a long time, dragon symbolizes China and it is said to represent the spirits of Chinese people. Carved beams, painted rafters, winding corridors, marble railings, golden sculptures and colored antique palace lanterns, all were built and decorated in an imperial style dating back to Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). All the guests aboard will be treated as members from the royal families during that time with delicious foods, luxury accommodations and extraordinary services.

Century Cruises
Owned by Chongqing New-century Cruise Company, Century Cruise is a series of three 5-star cruise ships that are most luxurious in China's river cruising. They are “Century Star”, “Century Sky”, and “Century Sun”, besides the group also owns the “Oriental Emperor”, a 4-star cruise, just newly decorated and furnished. The most new cruise ship is the super deluxe Century Diamond, which is currently most luxurious cruise ship on the Yangtze River.
New York Times described Chongqing New Century Travel as “the most energetic company” on the Yangtze!
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