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 The President Yangtze Series Cruise are international luxury fleet managed by the Wuhan Yangtze Cruises Co, Ltd. As a professional cruise company on Yangtze River in China, President Yangtze Series Cruise Company owns 7 deluxe cruises of Three Gorges, which all have been approved by the China Classification Society, China Tourism Bureau and the National SMS system.


President No.8 -- MV Princess Sissi
MV Princess Sissi, is one of deluxe cruises on the Yangtze River. It is 70 meters long and 13.2 meters wide with a carrying capacity of 100 passengers in 2 deluxe suites and 48 standard twin-bed cabins. Although it was built in the mid of 90s,it has been totally renovated based on 4 star standard cruise-ship. It is the only one on the Yangtze...
President No.6 -- Yangtze Paradise
President No.6 Cruise, a 4-star cruiser, is the so-called Yangtze Paradise. Her elegant European design, safety and comfort have won for herself the title of "Eden on the Yangtze" Yangtze Paradise was the first cruise that was designed with balcony on the Yangtze River. The very personalized design and the crew's considerate service will offer you...
President No.5 -- Snow Mountain
MV/President No.5,Snow Mountain, Cruise,a 4 star-rating Yangtze deluxe cruise-ship with 76.1m long, 13.8m wide,2.5m draft&30km/h speed. Combined with Tibetan-Han nationality culture and modern arts, Snow Mountain has been elegantly built 1 presidential suites, 2 deluxe suites and 49 standard cabins with full capacity of 104.Equipped with central...
President No.4 -- Yangtze Cruise
President No.4, a 4-star cruiser, is the so-called Yangtze Cruise which pioneered the Three Gorges travel. In the year of 2001 and 2003,the boat was rebuilt and redecorated entirely. She boasts full-equipped and modern facilities, top management and considerate services. Yangtze Cruise also boasts broad boards and an open air sun-bar, which give...
President No.3 -- Splendid China
President No.3 Cruise, a 5-star cruise, is the so-called "Splendid China", which is a floating hotel with unique national features. She sails between Yichang and Chongqing regularly. And such a cruise by boat along the river will surely add a new perspective to the tourists' appreciation of the perilous Three Gorges, some picturesque attractions...
President No.2 -- Yellow Crane
Elegant and state-of-the -art, the Yellow Crane is beautifully designed by U.S.TEAM7. It's augmented lobby is proud to be comparable to any lobby of a high-class hotel on land. Its onboard leisure amenities are completely separated from passengers cabin areas, making guests feel utterly comfortable in a cozy atmosphere, which none of the Yangtze...
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President No.1 Cruise
President No.1 Cruise
A 5-star cruiser, boasts fine decoration, modern facilities, comprehensive function and considerate services. President No.1 Cruise is a 6 decker, 90 meters long and 16.8 meters wide. She can accommodate as many guests as 188.This boat owns 2 presidential suites, 2 deluxe suites, 16 deluxe standard rooms,42 standard rooms with balconies and 32...
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