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Panmen Gate
Suzhou, like many other Chinese cities, was once surrounded by a ring of walls and gates. But since much of the city's commerce and transportation took place on its network of...Read More
Guanqian Street
Guanqian Street has long been a place for shopping and window shopping - many of the city's most famous historic snack shops sprung up here to satisfy all those hungry shoppers....Read More
Humble Administrator's Garden
Humble Administrator’s Garden,a piece of classic work in Suzhou gardens, is one of the Four Renowned Gardens in China and its primary status is known throughout the entire...Read More
Mudu Town
Mudu, 10 km west of Suzhou, is a famous historical and cultural town. Its name, "Mudu", meaning "timbers blocking the river", came from a legendary story, which says that during...Read More
Being an ancient township, Tong Li borders on Tongli Lake on the east, Nanxin Lake on the south, adjoins Pangshan Lake on the west, Jiuli Lake on the north and Wusong Jiang River...Read More
Suzhou Amusement Park
If you've overdosed on gardens, temples, and classical culture, the perfect interlude might just be an afternoon of fun at China's best amusement park, the Suzhou Amusement Land. ...Read More
Huqiu Tower
The Yunyan Pagoda or Tiger Hill Pagoda,is a Chinese pagoda situated outside Changmen, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It has several other names, including Huqiu Tower, the...Read More
Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty
Celebrated for its wonderful limestone mountain, Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty ,covering only 2,180 sq.m.,enjoys the same reputation as other famous gardens in China ....Read More
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