Bian Yi Fang

  • Address: 2F, Beijing New World Center, No.5 Chongwai Dajie, Chongwen District, Beijing
  • Phone Number: 86-10-67088069
  • Hours: 11:30am-9:00

Bianyifang is the oldest Peking duck restaurant currently standing in Beijing, China. The restaurant was first established in 1416, and a dispute among its owners in 1855 resulted in the branch that survives until today.

Beijing roast duck is divided into two types: roast duck made with closed oven (where the heat is from inner oven wall ) and roast duck made with half-open oven (where the duck is hung over heat source such as fire ). Bian Yi Fang's roast duck is the representative of the closed oven type, which is made without using open fire. Specially made soup is filled into the duck and during the cooking, it is actually roasting outside and boiling inside, thus reducing carcinogen resulting from open fire roasting. Tan outside and tender inside, fat but not greasy, closed oven roast duck enjoys the reputation of being a green food.

Bian Yi Fang Roast Duck Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant with an old brand name and a very long history, now belonging to Hademen Hotel. It was initiated in 1885 ( the fifth year during the rule of Emperor Xian Feng in Qing Dynasty ), so at present, it boasts a history of more than 140 years. The tablet plaque of the restaurant was written by Yang Shushan, councilor of the Ministry of War in the Jiajin period.

With traditional flavors descended through over a hundred years, Bian Yi Fang Restaurant has successfully received former American president Mr. Bush and various foreign heads of state and heads of government from Guyana, Uruguay, etc. Celebrities like Guo Moruo (a famous Chinese poet) and Qi Baishi ( a renowned Chinese painter) have written poems and painted pictures for Bian Yi Fang Restaurant. Delightful to the heart and pleasing to the eye.

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