Beijing Brief

Basic Facts of Beijing:

Location: in the northern part of China, neighbors with Tianjin.

Area: 16,410.54 square kilometers

Population: 16,950,000(at the end of 2008)

Beijing tours-Beijing

As the capital city of China, Beijing has always been the nation’s heart and soul since ancient time. It is not only the political, cultural as well as administrative center, but also a great historical city dotted with a myriad of priceless cultural relices and breathtaking sceneries, attracting countless people from all over the world to come and explore.

So as to give its beloved visitors a comfortable journey, Beijing has devoted himself in building a super advanced transportation system for years. Now it is a city being in possession of all those convenient facilities such as planes, trains, tubes, buses, taxis, ships etc., dramatically improving people’s daily life. Shopping is always an indispensable part of a tour. Both local specialities and souvenirs like Silk, jades, Chinese embroidery, painting and calligraphy scrolls, antiques etc. enjoy the most popularity among travelers. Nevertheless, the local yummy delicacy is another magnet. Famous for its freshness and complete ranges, it combines all the characteristics of Chinese cuisines namely delicate shapes and alluring colors in a perfect way. And all the well-heard Beijing Roast Duck, Noodles with Soybean Paste, Fried Sugar Cake etc. are worth trying. After a whole day’s visiting, shopping and tasting, here comes the night of Beijing, an unrestrained passion time. You are free to choose from a full catalog of traditional Chinese entertainment activities---Peking operas, acrobatics shows, Kung Fu performances and so on; besides, you can also immerse yourself in the dynamic nightclubs, bars, concert halls, cinemas, KTVs etc . A wonderful Beijing night is just on your way!

Beijing is a city enduring rise and fall of powerful dynasties through its long history. All together 24 emperors have been lived and ruled there. Due to this historical base, it has owned a lot of incredible sceneries such as Great Wall, Tian’anmen Square, Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace etc., all of which are very precious and priceless. Another distinctive feature of Beijing is the so-called “Old Beijing Culture”, greatly shown by Beijing graceful teahouse, Hutongs, temple fairs and so forth. If you wanna know more and much clearer, explore there personally.

Join the designed Beijing tours offered by TOC to dig deeper of this charming, graceful, elegant historical city. Words are too plain to describe its vitality, so come and experience all by yourself!


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Oct. 28,2009 4:00(GMT+08:00)
Tracy(From : Los Angeles) said:
If I met sandstorm in Beijing, how do I protect myself? Besides, what seasons do sandstorms visit Beijing?

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