Beijing Climate Introduction

Located in warm temperate zone, Beijing has a typical semi-humid continental monsoon climate distinguished by dry and windy spring, hot and wet summer, cool and clear autumn as well as cold and arid winter. Summer and winter in Beijing are also known for their long staying, leaving spring and autumn much shorter. The average annual rainfall is over 600 millimeters, 70 percent of which comes in summer.

Spring--The temperature in spring is nice. It goes up quickly with a monthly increase of 6-9 ℃/42.8-48.2 F. That is, if average temperature of March is 3 ℃/37.4 F, that of April may rise to 13℃/55.4 F. Spring is also a time when the most obvious temperature decline happens between day and night. Normally, the temperature drops 12-14 ℃/53.6- 57.2 F when night falls. In spring, however, winds often whip sand around the city, and the rain is so rarely to drop by that there comes the saying "hit by draught nine years out of ten".

Summer--Scorching heat and abundant rainfall. The maximum record temperature hits 43.5 ℃/110.3 F. July, with lasting and steady high temperature, is the hottest month all the year round. In July and August, torrents of rain become commonplace, informing the coming of "the rainy season".

Autumn--The sky is clear and the air is fresh; the temperature is amiable and the sun out a lot. After autumn sets, cold air from the North begins its invasion and results in plunge of temperature.

Winter-- Winter in Beijing is frosty and long, because it lingers in Beijing for around 5 months, 3 of which have bellow freezing average temperatures with a lowest record of -27.4 ℃/-17.32 F. Rain is rare during this time; actually a no-rain month is common. Instead, there is plenty of sunlight. Averagely, the sun shines for as long as 6 hour a day.

Best time to visit Beijing

Autumn, with its mild temperature and plenty of sunshine, defeats spring and becomes the best time for traveling. October is highly recommended, since during that month, many celebrations are held to commemorate the foundation of the People’s Republic of China on Oct 1st, 1949.

Travel tips

--Nice clothes for going out at night, but for touring during the day, casual clothes and comfortable sturdy shoes would be awesome. In autumn, jeans and sweaters are ok for the mild temperature. In the warmer months, T-shirts and light pants or shorts are the best bet. In the colder months, it is wise to dress in layers.

--The temperature descends a lot when darkness falls in spring and autumn, so warm clothes are never redundant if you want to enjoy nightlife in Beijing in these two seasons.

--Take an umbrella with you or wear sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun as most attractions in Beijing are outdoors.

--Be sure to bring some water with you. Bring your own water or buy water at a decent store. It is suggested that female tourists in Beijing use moisturizer to protect their skins from the dry air and sunscreen cream plus sunglasses as shelters from the sun.

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