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Changsha is a province of China located in southcentral region. It is located near the Xiangjiang river which is a branch of the Yangtze River. It is fairly populated at just over 6 million in the 2003 census. The administration of Changshan has jurisdiction over five districts (Yuhua, Yuelu, Tianxin, Yuhua, and Furong. Also three counties (Ningxiang, Changsha, and Wangcheng), and the city of Liuyang.

The first settlement known was in the first millennium BC. The city was already populated and fortified by 202 BC. Just over a century ago a treat between Japan and China was signed to open the city to foreign trade. Due to new materials being brought into the province many schools, factories, and churches were built. Its first large college started by Yale University bachelors was founded in 1906. Now it is known mostly as a secondary school for 6th to 12th graders.


Changsha's geography is quite diverse as the western region has relatively high elevated terrain while the eastern region is mostly low and flat terrain. Like many provinces in China, the Xiangjiang, Laodaohe, and Liuyanghe Rivers flow through the rough terrain. The climate of Changsha is not very welcoming to tourists with its monsoon climate. The average temperature during the winter seasons is 17°C and nearly 29°C in the summer. Nearly 1500mm of rain is received annually and there is 275 frost-free days per year. Each season is very distinct and noticeably different. Winter is usually not as cold as what a normal winter is thought to be, summer is very hot and very long with heavy rains quite frequently, while autumn is quite comfortable with a reasonably amount of sunshine.

There are many means of transportation available to you such as taxis, railroads, riverboats, airports. Most roads in Changshan are very wide which allows its hundreds of taxis to travel freely. There are also separate lanes specifically for bikers.

Changsha at night

Changshan's economy is on a steady rise as well. Just in the past year the growth of its economy has risen nearly 15%. It is also one of the most economically advanced cities in China due to many attractions. Its television program "Super Girl" which is almost the same as America's "American Idol" but only for females is the most viewed television show to ever air in China. Due to these type of programs much entertainment has been introduced to the city including dance clubs, bars, theater shows. Also the business industry has increase with many fashion related stores and salons. Many Universities and Technical Institutions have been built in the recent past due to the increase in population.

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