Chongqing entertainment

In Chongqing, there are numerous types of entertainment to be found:

To get a taste of the spririt of the locals, take in some Sichuan Opera karaoke, where you will hear them enthusiastically belting out their favorite lines!

If you're looking for entertainment from the silver screen, Chongqing Studio City Cinema has what you're looking for. It is the largest and most luxurious cineplex in the area and is located on the sixth floor of the Metropolis Plaza in Yuzhong District. Most films are dubbed in Chinese, although Hollywood films and Chinese blockbusters with English subtitles are shown occasionally. Since its grand opening in 1998, Studio City Cinema has been regarded by locals as the top entertainment center for film in Chongqing.

Chongqing entertainment,Chuanju

Chuanju (Sichuan opera)

A local opera popular in southwestern China, Chuanju opera features vivid, humorous narration, singing, and acrobatic fighting, showing the optimism and open-mindedness of the people in Sichuan Province. One of the fascination artistic charm of this charming opera is the way the face masks are changed by tearing off, rubbing away, or quickly blowing off one mask to let another one appear.

The Dragon Lantern of Tongliang County

TongliangCounty has long been known for its production of dragon lanterns and the dragon lantern dance. The dance features large stage properties, exaggerated dance movements, and a grand atmosphere. It is performed amidst the blowing and beating of Chinese wind and percussion musical instruments and a display of fireworks to present an exhilarating scene of jubilation and celebration.


Chongqing is known for its acrobatics. ‘Balancing on a Plank and Bowls Topping’ by the Chongqing Acrobatic Troupe won a silver medal at the Ninth World Acrobatics of Tomorrow Festival and the troupe’s Plate Spinning and Jumping Through Hoops were winners of the Silver Lion Medal at the National Acrobatics Tournament.

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Nov. 27,2015 20:10(GMT+08:00)
Ritu(From : gjSkhWImn) said:
I believe I heard once that China doesn't allow peolpe to own their land, but rather leases it to peolpe for very long times Is that true?Also, why is the property rising so much? Is it just straight population boom or population and increased economic means? [url=]lofmysixzyi[/url] [link=]cnknjejjv[/link]
Nov. 26,2015 0:06(GMT+08:00)
Lucimario(From : V5uok491RQx) said:
Chongqing at night is my go to when I want to show people some far out phtoos of China.Two things really struck me.First, how nasty the Yangtze is. I hope the majority of that is just stirred up muddy silt and not pollution. Regardless, that river must be a cesspool.Secondly, the amount of government income generated by real estate. Thats going to be one loud crash. [url=]qfrdqh[/url] [link=]dfxrrgcli[/link]
Nov. 23,2015 20:23(GMT+08:00)
Kaina(From : gRAafKRQg) said:
I'm pretty sure that ever since the Yangtze got <a href="">damemd</a> up, it's been more of a lake than a river. I don't think the brownish color is necessarily pollution, it's silty, but it's definitely not clean.That is a lot of development in Chongqing. I wrote about real estate development on the post I did last night.That's an interesting article on the hukou system. The fact that Chinese citizens can face such problems in their own country is pretty terrible. It seems like things are slowly changing for the better, but it's still a tough pill to swallow.
Nov. 23,2015 9:29(GMT+08:00)
Inor(From : hc1HGotlQ) said:
A very big topic indeed. I rmeember the t.v. show you reference in this post (though I forget the name at the moment). Saw bits and pieces of it and, in talking with various friends, almost all of them could relate to the characters and/or the situation. Needless to say, the situation is pretty grim for those who do not have property at this point. And speculation is a pretty good guess as to why the prices have risen so much. If you thought there was a housing bubble in the US, there is a lot of concern (in some quarters) of a bubble in China right now which is part of the reason for this move to introduce the property taxes and hopefully cool things down a little.Of course, the local governments are often found working in contradiction to the federal government in this case. I rmeember reading something a while back about how the local governments are running a shell game where one dept in the local government will buy a property from another at one price, then turn around and sell it back to the first six months later at an inflated price. While I'm not an economic genius (far from it), that is certainly in contradiction to what the national government is trying to do. I only hope that the situation is resolved before it blows up in everyone's faces.
Nov. 08,2011 1:38(GMT+08:00)
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Nov. 04,2011 20:52(GMT+08:00)
Anjii(From : ZpWMLrpoldGJcbmI) said:
Ah, i see. Well that's not too tickry at all!"

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