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Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province in South China, has a population of 10 million. It Is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, covering an area of 7434.4 square kilometers (2870 square miles).Guangzhou is one of the 24 historical cities in China. It is the capital of 3 dynasties through the long history(It is said that the city was built in 214BC).


When you firstly visit Guangzhou you, will encounter with the high skyscrapers, overpasses and people walking at a large pace. As an important economic city in South China, Guangzhou is developing at a amazing pace. But if you go further you will find the gentler and more personable side of the city. Meandering in the back street, you will be presented a traditional Guangzhou moving at an slow pace. Families and friends often sit outdoors enjoying tea and banter.

Guangzhou is famous as the hometown of overseas Chinese. Those people do great achievement for Guangzhou. They introduce Guangzhou to international markets. And also they built many schools, hospitals, rest homes in Guangzhou, expressing they affection for their beloved hometown. Canton fair is held every year usually in Octber. People both in and out of China come to the fair do their business. A large number of businessmen would be there. If you plan to visit at that time, please ensure you have make hotel reservation. Otherwise there maybe no room available. While travelling in Guangzhou, the Yue Cai(Cantonese Cuisine) is a must try. It is listed as one of the Eight Cuisines in China. It is famous for its seafood and tastable soup.

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Now we know who the sesnilbe one is here. Great post!
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My wife is planning on traveling back to Guangzhou in the next month or so. Could any one give me some idea which airline to contact and what sort of price I'm looking at if we were to purchase an "open" fare type of ticket.

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