Shanghai Cuisine

Shanghai Cuisine, also called as Hu Cai, is a traditonal local cuisine influenced by Beijing cuisine, Yangzhou cuisine, Guangdong cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, together with the foods of Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo and Hangzhou flavors, making Shanghai an ideal "gourmet kingdom". With a long history that can be traced back to over 400 years ago, it is the youngest of the ten major cuisine in China. Today let TOC be your guide to dig deeper of this young cuisine!

Yummy Local Snacks

Shanghai is a place gathering a lot of delicious snacks, with a speical flavor that differs from the sweet of Guangdong snacks and the spicy of Sichuan snacks. Light fresh and tasty are its features. It now enjoys great popularity among people from both home and abroad. The followings are the detailed introductions of some renowned local snacks.

Small Steamed BunShanghai tours-Shanghai small steamed buns

Having been existing for over a century, small steamed bun is one of the most famous and yummy Shanghai snacks with thin-skinned, juicy and tasty to be its best features. Its filling is a mixture of minced lean pork, pork skin jelly and some other seasonings such as sesame, balsam, eggs, scallion, ginger, salt etc. Wrap pork filling with delicate pastry and have it steamed in bamboo container for about one hour, then a sweet-smelling small steamed bun is right on the table. Small steamed buns should be eaten when they are hot. After taking a bite at the wrapper, rich-taste soup will fill your mouth, retaining the scent for a long time. An inexhaustible aftertaste starts!

Nanxiang Snack

Address: No.85 Yuyuan Road

How to get there: take bus No. 64,930, 801 to the stop of Xinbei Road.

Chicken Rice SoupShanghai tours-chicken rice soup

Chicken Rice Soup is an authentic local snack which is cooked with non-glutinous rice, chicken soup as well as chicken slices with other condiments such as scallion, salt, ginger etc. to be added in. Before serving the soup, cook always cuts the cooked chicken into 3 centimeters long and 0.6 centimeters wide together with a mixture of scallion, bruised ginger and chicken fat into the soup. Even when you simply cast a glimpse , your ravenous appetite will absolutely be aroused. When tasting, the tender tasty chicken with rich nutrition will make you on the top of the world.

Shanghai Xiao Shaoxing Chicken Soup Shop

Address: No. 69-75, Yunnan South Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai 黄浦区云南南路69-75号

Tel: 021-63260845 63203562

ShangHai Fried Plain BunShanghai tours-shanghai fried plain buns

Shanghai Fried Plain Bun is another yummy snack with a history of over one hundred years. It is made of semi-fermented flour wrapped with secret filling, a mixture of lean meat, pork skin jelly and cooked chicken breast slices. Thereafter, they will be placed in rows in pan to be fried. During the process of frying, several times of leaching with cold water are needed, and finally the process ends by sprinkling with green onion and sesame seeds. Apart from the delicious soup the bun steamed, crisp bread at the underbody is also very important. The combination of the aroma of meat, scallion, oil and sesame will arouse your appetite most. In old times, the kitchen of the teahouse served not only all kinds of tea, but also provided guests with Fried Plain Bun to enjoy.

Shanghai Feng Yu Fried Plain Bun

Address: No. 471, Guanquan Road, Putuo district, Shanghai. 上海普陀区甘泉路471号

per capital consumption: 10-20 RMB

Palatable Main Dishes

Apart from the tasty authentic local snacks, Shanghai is also famous for its main courses such as Dazha Crab, Sour and Sweet Spare Ribs, stinky tofu, Shanghai-style nian gao, Lime-and-ginger-flavored thousand-year eggs etc. Among them, Dazha Crab and Sour and Sweet Spare Ribs are the most famous and tasty ones.

Dazha CrabShanghai tours-Dazha Crab

Shanghai Dazha Crab uses the Yangchen Lake Crab as its raw materials. Compared with China's other three sorts of famous crabs, the Yangtze River Crab especially the Yangchen Lark Crab is superior. Now owing to the advanced transportation, it only takes half an hour's drive from Shanghai to the Yangchen Lake. Therefore, when the season comes, the Yangchen Lake Dazha Crab could always become the focus of people's attention. One of its best features is the large size. When selecting crabs, cooks always choose big ones with rich flesh. However, there's an important tip for you that though Dazha Crab is very delicious, you could not eat too much as it would cause stomachache; besides, you could not eat persimmons some time before or after the eating of crabs.

Shanghai Dazha Crab Franchised Store

Address: NO. 1187, Fanyu Road, Xuhui district, Shanghai(near Kaixuan Road and Nandan Road)上海市徐汇区番禺路1187号(近凯旋路和南丹路)

Booking Tel: 400-888-2003 400-888-2005

Sour and Sweet Spare RibsShanghai tours-sour and sweet spare ribs

The sour and sweet spare ribs is a major traditional dish greatly loved by the public. Utilizing the fresh spare ribs as its raw materials, it tastes tender, yummy, fat but not greasy. This dish enjoys great popularity among people in the southern areas. Sugar which produces the sweet flavor can do good to your spleen and stomach as well as your skin. While, vinegar that produces the sour flavor is beneficial to your liver and gall. Moreover, spare ribs contain abundant protein, body fat, vitamin as well as sufficient calcium phosphate, ossein, osseomucoid etc. Thus the dish sour and sweet spare ribs is very suitable for the elderly and kids to enrich their calcium.

Editor's words:

My hometown is Nantong, also called as the backyard of Shanghai. Therefore a lot of cultures and customs are as similar as that of Shanghai. The people in my hometown often cook the dish sour and sweet spare ribs, which tastes really good. I strongly recommend it to you. All those dishes are quite cheap but very palatable, please do have a try! Good luck and have a nice trip!


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