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Shanghai is a so-called ever-bright city or sleepless city, the night of which never fails people. It has nothing to do with quietness or loneliness, but full of vitality and passion. When the night falls, Shanghai renews its make-up, charming and fascinating, waiting for the carnival with great merriment. In the city, two entertainment options are available for you: be a local citizen to join in those activities that will help you get the essence of the local culture; be a night owl to dance with the sparkling night. Follow TOC to know more about the entertainment of the city!

"Do as the Romans do"

Shanghai Circle WordShanghai tours-Shanghai circus world

Crowned as the No.1 Circus World in China, Shanghai Circus World is a great place for travelers to enjoy a traditional Chinese circus, especially for kids. It is located in Gonghe Xin Road with Zhabei Stadium and Guangzhong Park nearby, thus the transpotation conditions here are quite favorable. Shaped as a magnificent golden sphere, it is known as another landmark of the city after the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Grand Theater and Shanghai Museum. As the night falls, the circus world starts to take on a charming appearence with great dignity, glittering in the dazzling night. With a total area of 2.25 hectares, it is capable enough to hold all kinds of shows and performances, acrobatics, animal trainings whatever! It now has become an extremely popluar spot for people both home and abroad.

Address: No.288 Guangzhong West Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai.(上海马戏城闸北区广中西路)

Tel: 021-66525468

How to get there: take bus 46, 203,916 to Guangzhong Road.

Shanghai MuseumShanghai tours-Shanghai Museum

As a top arts complex, for years, Shanghai museum has won great fame internationally for its large collections and plentiful exquisite arts and cultural relics. Its representatives are bronzes, chinaware, antique sculptures as well as paintings and calligraphy. Covering an area of 2.8 hectares, it is situated in People's Square-a prime location in the downtown. Here mainly displays the great art works collected by some masters in the late Qing Dynasty, namely the famous Dake Tripod. The number of the masterpieces that can be dated back in 1930s are in a large amount as well. What worth mentioning is that the paintings and calligraphy scrolls it collected are very priceless and precious, being compared to the values of half of the Southern region. Besides, it has also kept a lot of art works done by minority masters, which presents the broad mind and the pursuit of unity and peace.

Price: free(visiting between monday and Friday is highly recommended due to the crowded Saturday and Sunday)

Opening time: 9 a.m.---5 p.m.(Tickets selling from 9 a.m.---4 p.m.)

Shanghai Grand TheaterShanghai tours-Shanghai Grand Theater

With a total area of 2.1 hectares, Shanghai Grand Theater is situated in People's Square, famous for its unique architectural style and beautiful shape. It now has become another architectural landmark, making People's Square a real political and cultural center.

Besides the appreciation of elegant music, you can also enjoy other amusements as it is in possession of a lot of convenient facilities such as a 1600-square-meter sightseeing restaurant, a well-decorated coffee bar, a luxurious banquet hall etc. Nearly 2000 square meters of the theater are used as the recreation area for audience, white colored with great dignity and elegance. The six large crystal chandeliers hanging in the hall, the Greek white crystal marbles paved on the ground-shaped just like piano keys as well as the huge white marble pillars and stairs aside make people feel like wandering in a real world of music. Shanghai Grand Theater has had a super advanced sound system with acoustics and light facilities being equipped with a lot of special functions. Special facilities of JBL from America are used in the acoustics system; while, the top products of ADB from Belgium are utilized in the light system...All those efforts are made to meet the pickiest requirement of the world-class theatrical troupes.

Since its opening on the day 27th August, 1998, Shanghai Grand Theater has successfully held a myriad of excellent performances such as operas, music dramas, ballets, symphony, chamber music, stage plays, dramatics etc., enjoying great fame internationally. Many political leaders, foreign politicians, and international celebrities have given a high evaluation of the theater, regarding it as a perfect combination of architecture and arts. These days, the Grand Theater is becoming more and more important in the cultural exchanges and arts communications between China and the world.

Ticket Price: 40 yuan(100 yuan for a family of three)

Address: NO.300, People's Avenue

How to get there: take bus NO. 109, 123, 935, 49.

Night life of Shanghai

Recommended bar streets

If you want to experience a dynamic night of Shanghai, immerse yourself in a fashion bar will be perfect for you; it can totally unwind yourself as well.

Hengshan RoadShanghai tours-Hengshan Road bar street

Hengshan Road is the longest bar street in Shanghai, its territory including Hengshan Road, Urumqi Road as well as Dongping Road. Owing to the great location near the area of foreign consulates, it is full of exotic atmosphere. Hengshan Road bar street combines bars, teahouses, hotels, recreation centers, beauty parlors and galleries in a perfect way. The elegant "Cha Yan Guan She", "Han She"and "Hua Yu Ming Yuan", the passionate "M-Box", "Sa Sha", "Fan Di Si" and "Ou Ma Li", the cozy "Suo Lie" and "Hao Yun" etc. are all great places for young people to unburden themslves in the sparkling night.

How to get there: take bus NO. 926 and stop at Huaihai Middle Road.

Yandang Road

Today's Yandang Road is just like a pretty woman, quiet and elegant. Built in 1943, Yandang Road is glittering for its splendid European-style architectures. Bars and featured restaurants along with the exquisite-decorated coffee houses make travelers be fully content. Take a sip of red wine, enjoy a free night!

How to get there: take bus NO. 926 and stop at Huaihai Middle Road

Editor's words:

The night of Shanghai is really charming and sparkling, so different from the busy and noisy daytime. If you don't want to drink or dance, there are other interesting options for you: go to see a movie, wander in the Bund to enjoy the cool wind and beautiful sceneries, shopping with your friends in Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Xujiahui and so on. Just relax yourself!


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