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Weather Tips Shanghai starts the year shivering in midwinter, when temperatures can drop below freezing and the vistas are gray and misty. Spring brings warmth; April to mid-May is probably one of the best times to visit there, along with autumn (late September to mid-November). In summer the hot and humid weather makes conditions outside uncomfortable, with temperatures sometimes as high as 40C (104F) in July and August. In short, silk long johns and down jackets are needed in winter, an ice block for each armpit in summer and an umbrella wouldn't go astray in either of these seasons.

What to Pack Light clothes like lined Jacket and woolen sweater are suitable for the weather in Spring (from March through to the end of May) and Autumn (from September to November). Extra-light clothing is for summer (from June to August). Heavy woolen overcoats are necessary to keeping out the cold outdoors in winter (from December to February). Since there is much rain during the periods between Spring and Summer and between Summer and Autumn, it is advisable to get rain gear ready.

General Tips You will need to check with your local vet / government dept about getting most of the documentation mentioned above.

It could be of big help to have a (simplified) Chinese translation made of these documents when you arrive. The Chinese embassy in your country may be able to help, or provide details of a translator in your area. Make sure that the translations are certified copies.

Check with your local authorities what are the procedures of bringing back your pet to your home country. For some countries bringing out your pet is easier than bringing back your pet.

Check with your airline if they allow you to bring your pet.

Always check with the nearest Chinese embassy for the latest updates for the rules and regulations for bringing your pet to China.

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