New Shanghai Shopping Center

Located in South Pudong Road and Zhangyang Road, New Shanghai Shopping Center is the biggest regional shopping center at present in Pudong. It is made up of a cluster of skyscrapers covering a land area of 14 hectares, and a pedestrian street measuring 600 meters long.

With a building area of 260,000 square meters, it is constructed under the joint investment totaling RMB 8 billion from several business groups,. Being the largest one in Asia, it is a comprehensive and multifunctional shopping center, incorporating shopping, food, entertaining, leisure and office facilities,. Computer networking of the whole center enables it to be a shopping kingdom, entertainment paradise and leisure attraction with a style of its own.

The New Century Emporium in the center is the first Sino-foreign joint venture retailing business in Shanghai, which serves to be the beginning for enterprises in Shanghai and international business groups to join hands in exploiting the market. With the entry of China Resources Time Square and Zhongrong International Shopping Center, the New Shanghai Shopping Center is called sub-A CBD zone compared with Lujiazui Finance and trade zone. As the East Fuxing Road Tunnel opens to traffic, the New Shanghai Shopping Center will no doubt become an fashionable zone attracting people in Puxi to go shopping.

Traffic: Bus 783, 785, 981, 01, 82, 86, 119, 773, Tunnel Line 3, and Line 4.
Scenic Spots: Century Avenue, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, and Riverside Boulevard.
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