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Regarded as one of the most vibrant cities in China, Shanghai has attracted a myriad of travelers come and explore every year. Usually they come here with the purpose of appreciating the beauty of urban sceneries as well as shopping in its various department stores and mega-halls. Shanghai is worthy of its honors to be "the shopping paradise" and "the Oriental Paris" for sure. Follow TOC to get more detailed ideas about shopping in Shanghai.

Where to Shop

When the beloved foreign friends come to Shanghai, they would invariably buy some of those commodities stamped with special Shanghai flavor, giving to their family members, relatives and good friends as gifts, or souvenirs. As a "shoppers' paradise", Shanghai is waiting here to proffer the world's most exquisite goods for its esteemed visitors. The followings are the introduction of the most renowned commercial centers or business streets of the city.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian streetShanghai tours-Nanjing road pedestrian street

Known as the first commercial street in China, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is located in Huangpu district, starting its territory from Tibet Middle Road to its west and Henan Middle Road to the east. It is not only a great shopping street, but also a major symbol of Shanghai commercial culture. Here scatters a lot of time-honored traditional stores such as Hualian Department Store, Shanghai Clothing Company, the First Food Store etc., all of which have witnessed the history and the change of this street. Their existence has also added new charm for this century-old street, a street interwined with both traditional and modern ideas. Such shopping malls as Meilongzhen Shopping Plaza, Heng Lung Plaza, Citic Pacific, Yaxin Life Shopping Plaza etc. are full of the flavor of modernity, providing customers with the most fashion products as well as world famous brands.

It now has seen some new features in recent years. On the one hand, those long-established stores and old famed restaurants have recovered their youthful vigor and their business continues to thrive as ever before. While on the other hand, utterly new shopping centers have sprung up like mushrooms such as Mosta, Manhattan Square, Wings Dressmarket and Sincere Company, offering a vast options for buyers. Walking on the street, you would be easily caught by the mellow fragrance of hot coffee and bread, maybe a sign for you to have a rest!

Huaihai Road

Situated in the centre part of Shanghai, Huaihai Road is one of the most prosperous commercial streets, just as popular as Nanjing Road among travelers. It is also a street that can be compete with Champs Elysees of Paris, the Fifth Avenue of New York, the Ginza of Tokyo and Orchard Road of Singapore. Here gathers all the fashion goods and reputable brands such as Esprit, Nick, Jeans West, Dison etc., closely treading on the heels of world's fashion trends. The cozy shopping atmosphere, multiple shopping options as well as high-quality services have added a great beauty to this outstanding commercial street. The elegant and romantic Huaihai Road now has become an excellent shoppers' paradise for young people.

Besides, Huaihai Road is a wonderful place for you to have a rest after a busy shopping day. All kinds of snacks, drinks, restaurants from other countries such as Japan, America, Italy etc. are available for you. Getteing some takeout and enjoy on the bench in the green belt of Central Plaza is another great choice.

XujiahuiShanghai tours-Xujiahui

Xujiahui, located in the southwest part of Shanghai, is among the top five commercial centers of the city. It is a perfect mixture of shopping, dining, entertainment, accommodation, office working , training and education. Here you are never lacking of options. Grand Gateway and Oriental Shopping Center are the major representatives of luxurious goods suppliers; Pacific Department Store and Huijin Department Store are the favorites of young people; Huilian Shopping Center and Subway Shopping Street are the places that you can find some nice goods in comparatively low prices. What's more, a lot of bus lines like NO.43, 72, 44, 50 etc. and Metro Line 1 all stop in Xujiahui, making the transportation conditions here very favorable. It is here that you will feel the out-of-the-common breath of spirit of this dynamic metropolis. What an awesome shopping venue!

Other Recommended Shopping Spots

Old Temple of Town God is a wondrous place for you to get some local flavors. As the first-stage renovation of the used-to-be "kingdom of small commodities", there you will find a complete range of varieties of tourists' souvenirs possessing the unique Shanghai features. Here is also an ideal place to taste the authentic local snacks such as Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls in Fermented Glutinous Rice(Jiu Niang Yuan Xiao), small steamed buns(Xiaolongbao), spiced beans(Wuxiang Dou), Bazhen Soup and so on, all of which are aromatic and yummy. old temple of towm god

Shanghai Bay, located at the prime site, next to Pudong South Road and Zhangyang Road, opposite to No.1 Yaohan Nextage, close to Riverside International Community, is also a comprehensive commercial property.

Special shopping streets and markets can also be found in Shanghai, namely the cultural street-Fuzhou Road, where book stores are closely lined one after another, including the famous Shanghai Book Town, Science and Technology Book Shop, Ancient Book Shop, etc.

Such Hundred-year-old stores and shops that sell local special products as the famed Beijing Da Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Store, Yellow-Star Fan Shop, Hengdali Watch & Clock Co. can all be easily found.

Editor's words:

As a dynamic, charming and aspiring city, Shanghai is worthy of its name---"shopping paradise". I have been there several times, and I love Nanjing Road Pedestrian street most, not only for its rich arrays of goods, but also for the great geographical location---just several steps away from the famous Bund, Oriental Tower, Jinmao Mansion etc. Besides, if you are a shopping lover, you can tell the trip advisors of TOC to customize your unique shopping itinerary, meeting all your requirements of course.


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