Wuhan Brief

The capital of the Hubei province - a modern metropolis with unlimited possibilities, located in the heart of China. Wuhan is an energetic city, a commercial centre of finance, industry, trade and science, with many international companies located here. Having scientific, technological and educational institutions such as Laser City and the Wuhan University, the city is also an intellectual centre.

Wuhan Changjiang River Bridge

Situated at the crossroads of central China, Wuhan is a transportation hub for air, railway as well as ferry traffic. The distance from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is more or less equal. And the giant Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), the world's third longest river, and the Han River pass through the city.

Wuhan is known as the "Homeland of White Clouds and Yellow Crane" and is one of? China?s largest cities. There are many scenic spots and historical sites in and around Wuhan, one is the Yellow Crane Tower with its 1,700 years history. This tower is one of the five famous towers in China. Another must is East Lake whose natural beauty is famous all over Asia.

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