Fan's cured meat in pancakes

Fan's cured meat in pancakes is one of the traditional Shaanxi delicacies. In fact they are pancakes made of high-quality wheat flour stuffed with cured meat. Fan’s cured meat appeared in Xian a long time ago, and there is a story about it. In the Tang Dynasty, an official called "Fan" lived In Eastern Chang’an. Once he financed a young man when his mother died. Ten years later, this young man became wealthy through his cured meat business. To show his gratitude, he want to Fan’s 80th birthday with an intricately-built coffin made of Chinese prickly ash wood. In the coffin there hid cured meat made of 250 kg of lean meat. Since there were many guests on the day, Fan did not take any notice of the coffin. Ten years later when Fan died of Illness, the family had no means of making a living but sell property. At last, they found the coffin In the small house. When the family opened it, there was the aromatic and freshly looking cured meat! Mrs. Fan sent it for sale in the market and it was well received. More people rushed to the family for the meat. Mrs. Fan put some fresh meat into the juice. The newly cooked cured meat was just as delicious. Then the Fans’ fame of their cured meat went apace.

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