Folk Paper Cuts

Paper-cut is a typical folk art in North China. It can be traced back to the 6th century. It is a widely popular folk art in the villages of Shaanxi Province. On days of grand ceremonies, such as Spring Festival and weddings, villagers decorate the doors and windows of their homes with colorful paper cuttings.

Most of the subjects of the paper cuts are bold and also comical at times. The main tools to make a paper-cut are just pieces of paper and scissors (or a knife). Vary in shapes; folk paper cuts carry the good wishes of the people. Chinese people like to use red color to express their happiness and passion on big occasion. So paper-cuts are usually made in red color.Most of the Folk Paper Cuts remain on display even after the festival comes to a close because they are too beautiful to be removed. Many shops in Xian specialize in the selling of these Folk Paper Cuts and are quite a sell out among the tourists.

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