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There are many historical relic shops in Xian, such as Shu Yuanmen (an art street), which is laid out in the style of an ancient street; Xian Antique Market; and Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center. Tang tri-colored glazed pottery and replicas of clay figures of warriors and horses, as well as folk handicrafts of paper-cut and cloth art, can be found there.

Shu Yuan Men (The Arts Street)

Under the ancient city wall behind the Forest of Steles in Xian, there is a well-known street in the style of ancient towns - Shu Yuan Men. Both sides of the slab stone road are lined with buildings in the Ming and Qing styles. Various crafts and arts are sold on this crowded street all year long. Historical relics, calligraphy, paintings, antiques, jewels, and folk art fine works are all tourist favorites.

Xian Antique Market

Xian Antique Market is located at the intersection of Zhuque Lu and Nan Erhuan Lu (Southern 2nd Ring Road) near the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. From large furniture to small coins, the market contains every possible antique known to collectors - but you should be on guard against replicas.

Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center

Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center of Xian is one of the earliest fixed tour shops for foreign travelers in the Northwest. It is an important window opening Xian to the outside world, gaining the unanimous praise of Chinese and foreign guests. Dealers sell silk rugs, woolen blankets, silk clothing, jewels, jade articles, calligraphy, paintings, historical relics, antiques, model clay figures of warriors and horses, and bronze cars and horses - altogether 35 categories and more than 200 kinds of goods. The address is No.5 Yanta Lu Zhongduan.

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