Xiamen Cuisine

Food in Sichuan,Guangdong,Beijing and Chaozhou flavor is easy to get access in Xiamen.Besides,foreign food such as Korean barbecue,Japanese food,Pizza and Steak is also accessible. Xiamen food is dominated by South Fujian cuisine, comblined with Taiwan and Chaoshan flavor. The cooking methods include frying, steaming, boiling, sauting, and others.The seafood cooking in Xiamen is particularly outstanding with its freshness and slight spice. There are many other local food in Xiamen appealing to tourists.

Xiamen Cuisine

Famous Xiamen Snack: Nanputuo vegetable dish, meat-rice dumpling,peanut soup,fried noodle tread, fried clam, noodle paste, Xiamen pie, leek pancake.thin cake,sea worm jelly, fried sleeve-fish, braized cabbage, fried liver, etc. Aside from famous old restaurants such as Hao qingxiang, Wu Zaitian and Huang Zehe, visitors are able to taste the local food in most hotels, restaurant and even small food booths. Furthermore, there are many snack centers in Xiamen where one can taste delicious.



Telephone Number

Kale Snake Center

878-888 Xiahe Road(beside the railway station)


Hao Qingxiang

85 Hubin Middle Road


shuyou Seafood Restaurant (Hubin North Road)

Bank of Chine Building ,Hubin North Road


Jiali Seafood house

4th Floor,Baofu Building,Hubin South Road


Peony Restaurant (Hubin South Road)

3th Floor,Hongxiang Building,Hubin South Road


Lufa Food Garden

22 Haitian Road, Huli District


Jincheng Seafood House

7 Lianhua South Road


Huanleyuan Seafood House



Xinnanxuan Restaurant

17-39 Siming South Road


Huang Zehe Peanut Soup

22-24 Zhongshan Road


Wu Zaitian

49 Datong Road


huanquan Restaurant

321-331 Zhongshan Road


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