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The Bund
The Bund is Shanghai's most characteristic landscape. Over one hundred years, it has emerged as a symbol of Shanghai. It is located between the Nanpu Bridge and the Waibaidu Bridge in the West Bank of Huangpu River, with the total length of four...Read More
Three Gorges
The Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River includes a concrete gravity dam, a sluice gate, a hydropower station behind the dam, a permanent navigation ship lock and a ship lift. The architectures of the Three Gorges Project are composed of the...Read More
Tea Museum
Located in Dragon Well, Home to Tea, besides West Lake, this museum is the only national museum whose theme is tea in China. There are the exhibition rooms for tea-growing history, famous teas, tea ceremony, tea sets, and tea customes together with...Read More
The Capital Museum in Beijing
After refurnishment and relocation, the Capital Museum is now China's second largest, dwarfed only by the National Museum (which is being reconstructed and closed until 2010). With its striking modern architecture and impressive variety of exhibits,...Read More
Tibet Museum
Address: No. 19 Norbu Lingka Road, Lhasa; Open hours: 9:30-17:30 in slimmer and 10:00-17:00 in winter. Located at the southeast corner of Norbu Lingka, Lhasa, it is the first modern museum in Tibet. It covers an area of 53,959 square meters and has...Read More
Tang Paradise
Tang Paradise is located near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in southeast of the Xian City. This newly opened theme park covers an area of 1000 mu (about 165 acres), of which 300 mu (about 49 acres) is water area. It is the biggest cultural theme park...Read More
The Mulan Hunting Ground
The Mulan Hunting Ground was formerly an imperial hunting ground of the Qing Dynasty and is now a national park. The total area of the park is 1,410,000mu, with the pasture covering 200,000mu and the forest covering 1,060,000mu, or 75.2% of the...Read More
The National Center for the Performing Arts
The National Centre for the Performing Arts, a dynamic new icon to the arts in the heart of old Beijing, is far more than a spectacular and futuristic building. The Centre's ultra-modern architecture is in sharp contrast to its neighbours, the Great...Read More
Tianjin Natural History Museum
Tianjin Natural History Museum is an integrated museum, which included animal, plants, ores as well as paleontology and paleoanthropology. Up to now its specimens collection of verity is the largest in the nation, numbering over 38 million, among...Read More
Taihu Lake Film and TV Studio Town
Founded by China Central Television Station in 1987, it is the earliest movie and TV program production base in China. Up till now, it has created a Tang Dynaty Town, a European style Town, a Three Kingdoms Town and an Asian Town. The Tang Town,...Read More
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