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Three Gorges
The Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River includes a concrete gravity dam, a sluice gate, a hydropower station behind the dam, a permanent navigation ship lock and a ship lift. The architectures of the Three Gorges Project are composed of the...Read More
Shennong Stream
The Shennong Stream (a legendary figure who invented the plough) is in west Hubei Province. It is over 37.2 miles long and runs from north to south, to empty into the Wu Gorge in the east. Drifting on the stream has become a visitor activity....Read More
Ghost City in Fengdu
This is the cave residence of the King of Hades in a famous mountain in Fengdu, Chongqing, China. People who die must come here to register. Good people will be rewarded and evil people are cruelly tortured for their wrongdoing by devils in hell....Read More
Lesser Three Gorges
The longest tributary of the Three Gorges, the Daning River, begins at Zhongnanshan in Pingli County, Shaanxi Province. It joins the Yangtze River at the western tip of Wu Gorge and flows from north to south. As it passes by cliffs and precipices it...Read More
Fengdu County
When traveling the Three Gorges of Yangtze River, if you start from Chongqing, then the first scenic spot you encounter is Fengdu - a ghost town between county of Zhong and Peling. It is a little graceful town lying at the foothill of the mountains...Read More
Zhangfei Temple
The Zhang Fei Temple was constructed to honor General Zhang Fei, a Chinese military leader from the Three Kingdoms Period. With a history of 1,700 years, the temple is known as "the first scenery of Bashu". The temple consists of 7 key buildings:...Read More
Xiling Gorge
Xiling Gorge starts at the western tip of Xiangxi Stream in Zigui and extends to the Nanjin pass in the east. It is about 47 miles. In the middle is Miaonankuangu, where the Three Gorges Dam is built on Zhongbao Island. At the western section we...Read More
South Hot Spring Park
Founded in 1927, South Hot Spring Park is located in South Hot Spring scenic area that is 18 km south to the downtown of Chongqing city. It covers more than 20 hectares, including 16 hectares greenbelt and 7 hectares territorial waters. Just as its...Read More
Stillwell Museum
The Stillwell Museum, located at No.130 of Jian She Xin Cun in Chongqing, was originally used by the National Government as a guest house for entertaining distinguished figures. General Joseph W. Stilwell lived here when he arrived in Chongqing on...Read More
Wu Gorge
The Wu Gorge extends from the western tip of Wushan Country at the mouth of Daning River to Badong County, a distance of 24.8 miles to the east. The western section is called the Gold Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge while the eastern section is called...Read More
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