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China Grand Canal Museum
Chinese Grand Canal Museum is situated in the Gongchen bridge district in the northern part of Hangzhou .It extends from Jinhua Road in the east to Zhoushan Road in the south ,neighbouring the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the west .To the north...Read More
Chime-Long Paradise
Chime-Long Paradise is one of the leading Amusement Parks in China. Opening in 2006, Chime-Long Paradise has more than 70 high adventure rides and is home to the world's largest Water Stunt Show, comprising of an international cast of stunt men and...Read More
Chengdu Panda Base
As a demonstration project of giant panda ex-situ conservation, the Chengdu Panda Base has not only dedicated itself to giant panda conservation, but has also made great efforts to combine natural scenery and man-made landscapes to create wonderful...Read More
Ci Qi Kou
Ci Qi Kou - The ancient village of Ci Qi Kou is situated on the bank of the Jia Ling River, not far from its confluence with the mighty Yangtze, 14 kilometres to the west of Chongqing. It reflects an impression of what Chongqing would have been like...Read More
Changchun Film Studio
Changchun Film Studio (Changchun dianying zhipianchang) was the first film factory to be built after the establishment of the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.) in 1950. For almost half a century this huge studio remained the production base of...Read More
Cuihu Lake
The Cuihu Lake on the west side of the Wuhua Mountain is extolled as a "Jade in Kunming". The whole Cuihu Park is a green world, with willow trees swaying gently on the dikes, and the surface of the lake covered all over with lotus plants. All the...Read More
Casa Garden
Casa Garden is a small park located in Macau Peninsula, Macau. Built in 1770, the park was originally the residence of a wealthy Portuguese merchant Manuel Pereira. At a later period it was rented out to the English East India Company and was used...Read More
Crag of Sunlight
Crag of Sunlight is commonly called "Dazzling Crag". It sits on top of the Dragon's Head Hill (Longtoushan) in the mid-south of Gulangyu Island. Standing as high as 92.68 meters above the sea level, the summit of Dragon's Head Hill is the highest...Read More
Cuihua Mountain
Cuihua Mountain is located some 20 kilometers away from Xi'an, belongs to Qin mountain chain, composed of diversity of metamorphic rock from middle geological Epoch, one billion years ago. With its landside scenery national Geopark authorized by...Read More
Chengde Imperial Summer Resort
The Imperial Summer Resort was the largest imperial garden in the Qing Dynasty. It covers an area of 5.64 million square meters, is twice as big as the Summer Palace in Beijing. The imperial theme of "collecting the world scene in one garden, moving...Read More

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