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Jin Mao Tower
Jin Mao Tower is 420.5m high, with altogether 88 stories and total construction area of 290,000 square meters. It is a perfect combination between the Chinese Traditional Architecture Style and the advanced technologies of the world. It contains...Read More
Jade Buddha Temple
The Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple in Shanghai, China. As with most modern Chinese Buddhist temples, the current temple draws from both the Pure Land and Chan traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. It was founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha...Read More
Jokhang Temple
The Jokhang, Tibetan Buddhism's most sacred temple, stands broad and low in the heart of old Lhasa, the recipient of prayers of daily worshippers and once-in-a-lifetime pilgrims. These photographs are part of a project that documents the koras, the...Read More
Jin Shan Temple (Gold Mountain Temple)
The Jin Shan Temple(Gold Mountain Temple), the oldest and also the most famous sight has become a symbol of the Zhenjiang city. The temple is visible from far away.It climbs up the sides of a hill along the flat flood plains of the Yangzi, and its...Read More
Jing'an Temple
Jing'an temple is located in one of the most modernized areas of downtown Shanghai, it was first built in 247 AD, and it also starts the Nanjing Road W. CBD, the most high-end business center. You can even see the huge, stylish Tiffany ads on bill...Read More
Jiaohe Ruins
The Jiaohe Ruins is the site of ancient Chinese ruins found in the Yarnaz Valley, 10 km west of the city of Turfan, Xinjiang province, China. Both the Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute and the Xinjiang Cultural Relics Bureau have...Read More
Jiao Hill Scenic Region
Jiao Hill is covered by greenery that makes it look like a “floating jade", hence its other name “Floating Jade Hill”. Many also dubs it “A Park on the River” or “A Reef in Raging Torrents”. Due to its...Read More
Jiuzhaigou lies at the southern end of the Minshan mountain range, 330 km north of the provincial capital of Chengdu. It is part of the Jiuzhaigou County (formerly Nanping County) in the Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of northwestern...Read More
Jiuxiang Scenic Region
Jiuxiang Scenic Region is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yliang county 90km. away from Kunming and have 47km. away from downtown Yiliang. In Yunnan Province it is a well equipped comprehensive scenic region which is famous for...Read More
Jiayu Pass
Jiayuguan or Jiayu Pass is the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China, near the city of Jiayuguan in Gansu province. It has also been called "Jiayuguan Pass"; however, this form is redundant since "guan" means "pass" in Chinese. Along...Read More

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