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Tian'anmen Square
If Beijing is the heart of China, then Tiananmen Square is the soul of Beijing. Located at the center of Beijing, with a length of 880m and a width of 500m, it is known as the biggest inner-city square in the world and can accommodate 100,000,000...Read More
The Ming Tombs
At a distance of 50km northwest of Beijing stands an arc-shaped cluster of hills fronted by a small plain. Here is where 13 emperors of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) were buried, and the area is known as the Ming Tombs. Construction of the tombs...Read More
Temple of Heaven
It was the place where every emperor of Ming and Qing Dynasty (1386~1911A.D.) offer sacrifices to Heaven and a place for emperors to worship. The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420, the same year as the Forbidden City, covering an area of 2,700,000...Read More
The Bund
The Bund is Shanghai's most characteristic landscape. Over one hundred years, it has emerged as a symbol of Shanghai. It is located between the Nanpu Bridge and the Waibaidu Bridge in the West Bank of Huangpu River, with the total length of four...Read More
Tombs of the Tibetan Kings
Buried here are the kings, the ministers and the royal concubines from the 29th Tsanpo to the last(the 40th). It is also the largest tumuli group in Tibet. From all of the tombs, the most remarkable one is King Songtsan Gampo’s. Situated on...Read More
Terracotta Soldiers
The Terracotta Soldiers are the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Work is ongoing at this site, which is around 1.5 kilometers east of EmperorQin Shi Huang's Mausoleum, Lintong County, Shaanxi province. It is a sight...Read More
Two Rivers and Four Lakes
The Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the newly dug Mulong Lake are all connected and linked together. With waterway transportation, this comprises Guilin's central round-the-city water system, known as "Two Rivers and...Read More
Tiger Spring
Located in Dinghui Temple on Dacishan on the south side of the West Lake, Tiger Spring is spring-oriented scenic spot, whose themes are“spring”-to view, to listen, to taste, and to try the spring. It is also a humanity attraction that...Read More
Three Gorges
The Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River includes a concrete gravity dam, a sluice gate, a hydropower station behind the dam, a permanent navigation ship lock and a ship lift. The architectures of the Three Gorges Project are composed of the...Read More
Taihu Lake
Geography Lake Taihu (Lake Tai or Taihu Lake) is the third largest freshwater lake with an area of 2,250 km2. It is a shallow subtropical lake with an average depth of 2 meters. Many islands, about 90, some as tiny as a few feet long, some as large...Read More

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