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September 22 2008(GMT+08:00)
Tang poetry and Song lyrics
The Poems of the Tang Dynasty (唐诗) As many a dynasty in Chinese history is marked by some phase of success representing the thought and life of that period, the Tang Dynasty is commonly...  Detail
May 21 2008(GMT+08:00)
Overview of Chinese Literature
China is the only country in the world with a literature written in one language for more than 3,000 consecutive years. It is the use of characters, not letters as in Western languages that is most...  Detail
May 21 2008(GMT+08:00)
Poetry is the earliest form of Chinese literature that originated from folk songs before the written Chinese language even existed. The earliest anthology of ancient poems, Shi Jing (Book of Poetry),...  Detail
May 21 2008(GMT+08:00)
Mighty flow of Chinese literature
The mighty flow of Chinese literature resembles the forever flowing Yangtze River. This flow of literature has been surging on for millennia. Dating back o 1,000 B.C. the four ancient civilizations...  Detail
May 21 2008(GMT+08:00)
China is an old nation, and its ancient mythology is very rich and colorful. Pre-Qin books such asShanhaijing(The Classic of Mountains and Seas),Guoyu(The Discourses of the States), Zhuanzhuan(The...  Detail
May 21 2008(GMT+08:00)
Chinese 4 Classical Masterpieces
Water Margin Water Margin is vaguely based upon the historical bandit Song Jiang and his 36 companions. The group was active in the Huai River region and eventually surrendered to government troops...  Detail

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