Rejuvenating jade energizes luxurious spa

Updated: August 11 2010(GMT+08:00)

It was a mysterious stone associated with affluence and prosperity, a precious jewel that could channel luck through potent veins of green delight.
Today, the iconic gem of China is part of the pampering process in Beijing, at the opulent The Ritz-Carlton Hotel - this is jade in its element.
Summertime in Beijing is a testing period, when smog and pollution leaves little skin unaffected.
For the first time in China, The Ritz-Carlton in Beijing is presenting a full-body jade treatment, specially customized to massage muscles, detoxify the body and make the skin glow.
"Jade is universal and stands for something positive, like good fortune and love," said Floria Wun, director of public relations at the hotel.
As a protective stone, jade is believed to have the power to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It is also thought to slow the aging process and strengthen the body s natural defenses.
The jade treatment, which was originally developed in the US, is unique to the hotel and can best be described as a "150-minute heated and cooled jade stone ceremony for the body and mind".
"We employed a professional spa guru named Rhett Hatfield from Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School in US. We invited him to come to China just to train our therapists," Wun said.
More than 40 jade stones have been crafted to cater to different parts of the body, then polished to provide a silky feeling on the skin.
The session starts with a sumptuous jade stone foot bath ritual of roses and hot black stones.
The therapist then massages the legs with pevonia oil, using a jade stone to minimize any inflammation and produce soft, smooth and relaxed skin.
After that comes a chance to warm the soul with a cup of herbal tea, before settling down for the main course - a full body massage.
Chunks of jade are heated and precisely placed onto the body s pressure points. The therapist moves to the feet and begins a 24-point foot reflexology technique that stimulates the often forgotten extremities.
During the massage the therapist utilizes long strokes with the jade stones to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation, occasionally swapping between hot and cold elements.
This temperature change is something new in the spa world, according to The Ritz-Carlton. Hot and cold, yin and yang - the balance is intended to help detoxify the body and produce not only smooth skin, but also tighten it.
Nearing the end, a large jade stone is placed on the back to eradicate everyday knots inflicted by long hours in front of the computer.
Last but not least is the piece de resistance - a soothing jade facial. As the most exposed part of the body to the day s dirt, it first gets the pleasure of a revitalizing cream.
While small stones are used to massage the face in circular motions, giving the skin a radiant feel, the smile is a genuine one.

News Source: Chinadaily
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