China winter climate overview and the best time to visit

Updated: December 15 2010(GMT+08:00)

Northern China:
This area includes Beijing, Inner Mongolia,Tianjin, Harbin where Winter is long and cold, lasting from December to March the next year. Temperatures are often below zero and you will likely see the beautiful snow.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit northern China is spring and autumn when the days can be pleasantly warm and sunny.

Central China:
The Central China area includes Shanghai, Hangzhou,Nanjing,Chongqing and the whole area of Yangtze River. Central China seems that it is not so cold on the outside, but it is much colder than it looks. However, fortunately,winters in central China ais not long, starting from January and usually finishing up at the middle of March. On the opposite, Summers in Central China is long, hot and humid.

Best time to visit Central China is probably in autumn when the climate is warm and pleasant and the night is not so chilly. However, the autumn is so short. If you have a desire to visit Central China, you should come quickly because of the short fall in Central China.

Southern China:
This area includes Guangzhou, Guilin, Xiamen, Kunming and Hong Kong. It is generally wetter and warmer in the south than the north. Winter in Southern China, from January to March, like in central China, is short but you can also feel very cold. You just will not feel so cold in the north and central China. April to September is the rainy season where the weather is wet.

The best time to visit southern China is autumn just like the central China. Because the southern China often rain, so you need to bring your right rain gear.

Northwest China:
Northwest China area includes Xinjiang Province (Urumuqi, Turpan),Gansu Province (Lanzhou), Qinghai Province (Golmud) and the silk road.
It is in this Northwest China area that the traveler will feel the extremes of Chinese weather. In this area, the weather is dry and any time of the year will be relatively dry. Few Han people live here. There are a lot of ethnic minority groups living here. Winter in this area will be very cold and in summer the heat and sun can be cruel. But if you are prepared for the trip, any time to go to the northwest China area is the best. However, the spring and autumn are maybe the best time when the temperatures are milder than ever.

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