Winter top travel destination--Mountain Huangshan travel tips

Updated: January 04 2011(GMT+08:00)

Mountain Huangshan, also called as Yellow Mountain, is located Huangshan city with a long history and splendid cultures, in the eastern part of China. Huangshan City is regarded as a natural history and culture museum of China by historians from home and abroad. Within the Huangshan city, the most notable attraction is the scenic spot of Yellow Mountain, which is famous for its marvelous and beautiful scenery. Mountain Huangshan is known as one of China top travel destinations that must not be missed and has been added into the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. There is a popular ancient Chinese saying that there is no reason to visit any other mountain after seeing Huangshan Mountain, which implies its  natural and historical beauty.

What to see? What most impresses travellers are the four features of Mountain Huangshan: bizarre rock formations, waterfalls, ancient twisted pine trees, and a sea of clouds. Especially in the winter, when the mountain is covered with snow, the mountain takes on a whole new look. As a result, winter has become one of the most popular seasons for travellers to pay a visit to Huangshan Mountain. Within the Mountain Huangshan, there are a lot of amazing attractions to see, such as he Hot-spring, Cloud Valley Scenic Spot, Pine Valley Scenic Spot, North Sea Scenic Spot, and Jade Screen Scenic Spot, Jade valley Scenic Area and so on.

Travel Tips: Make sure to bring comfortable shoes as you have to climb hundreds of steps to the various peaks. As a result, comfortable hiking shoes are a better choice. Bring cold-proof clothes, as you climb more highly, you will feel more chilly. From the late evening through early morning, you feel colder. It is also recommended you bring a walking stick with you. Walking sticks are very important when you are walking up or down the steps on the Huangshan Mountain. It is highly recommended that you leave all unnecessary package behind, as it is not very convenient to climb so many steps to take so many unnecessary items. Besides, the entrance fee to Mountain Huangshan is 120RMB. If you are too tired to walk, you can  take Cable cars, and it charges 55RMB per person/one way. Whenever you visit Mountain Huangshan, remember that book your rooms/beds ahead if possible.

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