Fujian cuisine

Updated: May 22 2008(GMT+08:00)


Fujian cuisine is similar to the cantonese cuisine. Fujian cuisine is derived from the native cooking style of the province of Fujian, China. Well-known dishes include: oyster omelette, Popiah, yu wan (Fujian fish balls), and ban mien bian ruo (noodles with dumplings). Fujian cuisine is famed for its use of seafoods, its soups and stews, and for the visual presentation of its dishes.


Fujian cuisine consists of four styles:

  • Fuzhou cuisine: taste is light compared to other styles, often with a mixed sweet and sour taste. Emphasis is also on utilizing soup, and there is a saying in Fuzhou style: One soup can be changed in ten forms. 
  • Western Fujian cuisine: often there is a spicy taste and the cooking methods are often steam, fry and stir-fry.
  • Quanzhou cuisine: least oily among all Fujian cuisine, but with strongest taste/flavor, also put emphasis on the shape of the material for each dish. 


One of the most popular dishes is "Buddha jumps over the wall" (Fotiaoqiang), a complex dish making use of many ingredients, including shark fin, sea cucumber, abalone, and Shaoxing wine.There are many eating places around the province that sell these specialities for two yuan, and which are thus known as "two-yuan eateries".

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