Lei Sha Yuan

Updated: October 23 2008(GMT+08:00)

Leishayuan is one typical snack in Qiaojiashan restaurant , with a history of more than 70 years. During the late years of Qing dynasty, a woman with last name Lei in Sanpailou of Shangahi, created the method of rolling the cooked tangtuan  with some flour, for the purpose of carrying it easily. In memory of this woman, people later named the tangtuan  Leishayuan.

In Qiaojiashan restaurant, they firstly grind the red bean from Chongming county, and then air-dry it. Besides the filling of sweetened red bean paste, Qiaojiashan also provides tangtuan with other filling, like fresh meat, sesame. Then cook the tangtuan in boiling water, and follow to remove it to drain. After that, roll the tangtuan with some bean paste meal. The tangtuan made in this way not only looks attractive, but also tastes sweet, and soft, and is welcomed by people from various areas.

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