shanghaiShanghai, the biggest city in China, is well-known not only for its cosmopolitan feature, but also for its humanistic resources. It can cover your diverse interest, whether you are a businessman or a sightseeing traveller. As a professional agency in Shanghai tour, TOC has the ability and also the confidence to make your Shanghai tour worthy your dollar.
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2012 Chinese Spring Festival -- The Year of Dragon
Shanghai Day TripIt's definitely not enough to cover all the beauty of Shanghai in just one day. But it's possible for TOC to present you with its highlights. Take fully advantage of your valuable time and find the one you feel most interested. Or turn to Customized Tour to tell us your travel plans.
Shanghai Side TripsShanghai is just a part of the beautiful Jiangnan(south of Yangtze River). You can find many things so different from Shanghai in its neighboring cities, such as elegant gardens in Suzhou, tranquil West Lake in Hangzhou, and so on. Find more than Shanghai with TOC now.
Shanghai Theme ToursBesides regular tours, TOC prepares theme tours for your specific interest, like shopping, golf playing, tracing of history, nightlife,etc. Find your preference in our list, or tell us your unique interets for our reference. We will customize you an exclusive tour.
Water Town ExperienceWater towns, such as Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang, are Shanghai's elegant neighbors. They are really good places for visitors who seek inner peace. Get out of the hassle of city life. Refresh yourself in the tranquility of water towns.
Half Day GlimpseTOC knows that you may not have much time touring Shanghai. So we tailor you Half Day Gilmpse. Spare half day out of your valuable time. This beautiful city is worth seeing, even if it's only half a day. Choose from out list or tell us your plans so that we can tailor you unique Shanghai tour.
 East China TourBesides Shanghai, there are also many famous tourist cities in East china (a region on the eastern coastal area of China), such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Mt. Yellow, and Nanjing. With more than 20 years’ experience, TOC designs tour packages of East China so that you could fully enjoy its elite.
Explore More China Via ShanghaiStart your China exploration tour from Shanghai. TOC can arrange tours in every corner of China. We have done so in the past 20 years. Whatever plan of your China tours can be smoothly carried out by Tourochina.
TOC shows absolute respect to your requirements. As it literally means, Shanghai In Your Way is service flexible to your specific needs. We list our recommended products. It depends on you, to choose, to combine, or to design in your own way.

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