Chengdu Panda Base

As a demonstration project of giant panda ex-situ conservation, the Chengdu Panda Base has not only dedicated itself to giant panda conservation, but has also made great efforts to combine natural scenery and man-made landscapes to create wonderful and humane living areas for giant pandas, red pandas, and other Chinese endangered animals. With the efforts of all the staff at the Panda Base, they have made great strides in the name of environmental protection to share with the world.


The Giant Panda Museum, along with satellite museums in their Research Center and Panda Hospital provides 7,000m 2 of educational space to foreign and domestic visitors. They worked with design companies from the United States to create modern, interactive learning experiences. Through these learning areas, visitors will come to understand the depth of research and commitment it takes to help endangered species to survive in their world that is dangerously dominated by human influence. People all over the world need to understand that this amount of research cannot be done for all the plants and animals that are in danger, and that conservation depends on all of us. Their Base is a unique facility and network for some very fortunate species.

As a famous sightseeing destination and a window to the wild, they improved our service facilities for tourists. Their efforts have made the Panda Base attractive to foreign and domestic audiences. They will fully use the resource of our endangered animals to strengthen conservation education to the public, and develop the Panda Base to be a unique educational tourism destination.

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