West Lake

West Lake
At the heart of Hangzhou is a great wonder to behold: the famous West Lake. This beautiful lake has witnessed several some dynasties’ up and down. It has also seen a number of battles – to which the West Lake is indeed a great trophy to have. There are so many poems written about it and historians always took note of this magnificent place that even the famous Marco Polo recorded it in his writings about its natural splendor. The place is seems so magical that even painters tried to capture the lake’s magic in their paintings.
There are a number of buildings around the West Lake. Mostly pagodas were built during the imperial rule of Chinese dynasties. The “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon” is an enchanting sight at night, particularly at full moon. At the southern part of the lake, the “Six Harmonies Pagoda” is a great reminder of ancient China. The west of the lake shows the Lingyin Temple, a very old temple where the Buddhists use it for their retreat. There are even gardens around, many of which were left by old civilization. West Lake is truly a magical place that is worth visiting.

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