Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake, which was called "Abode of fairy mother goddess" in ancient times, is a famous scenic spot located among hills of West Bogda Peak southwest of Fukang City, with an elevation of 1,910 meters above sea level, a length of 3,400 meters, maximum width of 1,500 meters, maximum depth of 105 meters, belonging to glacier lake in geology.

A clear lake surrounded by hills and towering snowy peaks inverted reflection in water, lake and mountain scenery complementing each other and merging into a single whole. Hills are covered with dense flourishing and grey pines overlap upon overlap and dotted with flowers and grass as well as yurts and wandering flock of sheep. The entire scenery is scattered and organized, proper shade, beautiful and bright, and a rain will make it more enchanting. Every midsummer witnesses numerous Chinese and foreign tourists.

Bogda snowy peak, also calls Bogda Mountain, is located within the boundaries of Fukang City, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, with an elevation of 5,445 meters above sea level, one of Tianshan peaks, covered with snow all the year round and called "snow sea" by local people. Three peaks exist side by side, towering and extremely magnificent. 900 meters northwest of the snowy peak is right Heavenly Lake.

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