Huaxi Park

Huaxi Park

Huaxi (Flowery River) Park located 17 kilometres from the city centre of Guiyang. The large natural park is the centrepiece of this resort city. The Flowery River, the core of the entire scenic area, greets visitors at the entrance and accompanies them all the way into the park.

Huaxi (Flowery River) Park,guiyang

Scenic attractions of the park are centred around the four small and exquissite hills: Unicorn, Phoenix, Turtle and Snake. The water of Huaxi River is clear and clean. At some points it presents a mirror-like surface reflecting stunning images of the weeping willows along the banks and the mountains in the distance. Elsewhere, it hurls itself over rocks, forming falls and pools, or the flow may disappear completely underground. Huaxi is home to over 1,000 varieties of cultivated flowers which bloom year round. Yitian Pavilion atop the Unicorn Hill provides a panoramic view of the park.

1、Best time for sightseeing: One of the best seasons for sightseeing in Huaxi is in spring when the peach trees are in full blossom; another time is in fall when abadant of tourist activities are held in the park, such as the savoring of tea and moon cakes during the Mid-autumn Festival.
2、Dining: You may find lots snacks at the stands outside the park, including Huaxi Wangs’ Beef Noodles, noodle rolls, Qingyan bean curd balls. Restaurant inside the park provides local flavors like Qingyan pot-stewed pettitoes, spicy chicken claws, chicken hotpot, Huaxi pot-roasted goose.

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