Orange Isle

Orange Isle

Orange Isle is one of the most famous isles in Xiangjiang River. Surrounded by lakes, it lies in the centre of the river from south to north, stretching 10 li. Between the forests and the downtown, it is well provided not only with the interest from villages and watery regions, but also with the crowded thriving sight of streets and lanterns. When spring comes, billowing and sparkling waves float several gulls. While autumn is approaching, pure fragrance will spread everywhere from the yellow oranges.

Orange Isle has a long history with a good reputation far and near. Lu Wen, a poet in T’ang Dynasty, used only one impressive verb “float” in a verse like this “Bottomless Zhao Pond floats Orange Isle” to present a beautiful look of Orange Isle which gushes from the bluish green waves. One of the spectacular eight sights recorded in Song Dynasty, that is, “dusk snow from the sky over the river”, is the vivid description of this place.

Orange Isle comprises three nearly-connected isles: upper isle, middle isle and lower isle. The upper isle is called Ox-head Isle and middle isle Land-and-water Isle, while the lower isle is called Fujia Isle. Orange Isle referred to at present includes Ox-head Isle and Land-and-water Isle. It was named because the orange trees cover the isle.

Orange Isle Park was set up in 1960, followed by architecture such as  Orange Ode Pavilion, Poetry Script Stele, Pillowing River Pavilion, Clasping Peak Pavilion , and a memorial statue, "Teenage Classmates". Places for entertainment and service are also established. Guardrails made of granites are built along the bank of Orange Isle and there is a highway to Xiangjiang Grand Bridge. The swimming pool is built to the north of the bridge and the west of the Isle, which adds more fun for every citizen to stroke the river in the midstream in summer.

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