Former Residence of John Rabe

Situated in No.1 Xiaofen Bridge of Nanjing, the former residence of John H. D. Rabe is inviting more and more attention owing to the hit movie "John Rabe ". Built in 1934, the building occupies an area of nearly 1905 square meters. And it served as Rabe's house as well as his office during 1930 to 1938 since he was transferred to Nanjing Branch of Siemens from Germany. It is a two-story building .The first commodious floor once performed as his parlor, and the second floor his study and bedroom. There is also an attic which commands a good view of the time-honored city. The significance of the house does not lie in its fancy outlook but what it symbolizes----the witness of history. It also displays some very precious photos and documents taken by Mr. Rabe during the Second World War in Nanjing.

Born in 1882 in Hamburg, Germany, Rabe once worked as the head of the International Committee for the Nanjing Safety Zone, and managed to save more than 250,000 Chinese people during the shocking Nanjing Massacre in 1937, in which more than 300,000 Chinese were brutally killed within half a month. Mr. Rabe devoted himself to repair Nanjing, a city riddled with a thousand gaping wounds by the darkness of humanity. He was hailed as the “Schindler in China” due to his brave exploit. He was left in poverty in his later years due to his Nazism background after the Second World War, but the Nanjing citizens sent him food and money spontaneously as a result of his generosity. He died in 1950 but will be remembered by Nanjing locals forever.
In this house, you can witness the great contribution made by this international friend, know that part of history better, as well as feel the noble spirits and glorious humanity of Rabe.

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