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China Tours with Shanghai
  1. Beijing and Shanghai 6 Da... From US$520.00
  2. East China-Beijing 13 Day... From US$1328.00
  3. 14-day tour Beijing, Mt.Y... From US$1395.00
  4. Beijing Shanghai and Mt. ... From US$1110.00
  5. Shanghai/Zhouzhuang/Suzho... From US$802.00
  6. 8 Days Tour Beijing, Shan... From US$1140.00

Shanghai Tours

Currently as the largest city in China, Shanghai is also the economic hub of the fast-developing China. Meanwhile, its unique history endowed this city with priceless heritage. Tour around this city, you will experience both fashion and featured tradition. Visitors never fail to enjoy themselves at The Bund of historical architecture, skyscraping Oriental Pearl TV Tower and World Financial Centre, classical Yu Garden, prosperous Nanjing Road, and treasure collection in Shanghai Museum. No city in China performs better than Shanghai at combination of modern and past, oriental and west. With its advance transportation both domestic and international, Shanghai will be out of question the perfect place to start your exploration of China.
Wandering at the bund in the night, a wide prospect of various architectures will unfold gently in front of you;
No happier time to have exquisite tiny steamed bun dipping in vinegar earning ease of Sunday afternoon;
In Yu Garden, you will find some Chinese classical novelties by accident with little or nothing down;
For those who seek to the romanticized atmosphere of old Shanghai, Xintiandi with trendy shops and clubs are waiting for you;
Moganshan Road, with a scattering of bookshops and cafes, morphed into something of a strip mall for the art lover.;
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Shanghai Tours(3 lines in this page. )

Shanghai Bus Tour C: Hangzhou Highlights Day Trip

  • Destination: shanghai→hangzhou
  • Highlights: Tour around the most famous attractions of Hangzhou in this day trip, such as West Lake, Lingyin Temple and Flower Harbor.
  • Price from
  • US $100.00
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Shanghai Bus Tour C: Hangzhou Highlights Day Trip

  • Destination: shanghai→hangzhou
  • Highlights: Tour around the most famous attractions of Hangzhou in this day trip, such as West Lake, Lingyin Temple and Flower Harbor.
  • Price from
  • US $130.00
  • Select

Shanghai Bus Tour B: Suzhou and Zhou Zhuang Day Tr...

  • Destination: shanghai→suzhou→zhouzhuang
  • Highlights: Take a day trip away from Shanghai city. Visit classical garden and Grand Canal in Suzhou. Take boat ride on rivers of Zhou Zhuang. Feel its tranquility and simplicity.
  • Price from
  • US $100.00
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Water Village Trips nearby Shanghai

Wuzhen 1 Day Tour

  • Destination: wuzhen
  • Highlights: On both sides of a slabstone-paved street stand pubs, restaurants, pawnshops, weaving and dyeing establishments, and other businesses, all housed in wooden structures of brown. Rivers and creeks spanned with stone bridges in various designs flow through the town, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes by. Old waterside houses and outside corridors can be found here and there. This is the ancient town of Wuzhen.

Zhouzhuang 1 Day Tour

  • Destination: zhouzhuang
  • Highlights: Zhou Zhuang has been known as "township and the island", characterized by the picturesque water county scenery--- a perfect combination of exquisite bridges, limpid rivers and quaint houses.

Zhujiajiao 1 Day Tour

  • Destination: zhujiajiao
  • Highlights: Zhujiajiao is a typical ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Located in west Shanghai, it only takes about one hour to get there by bus from Shanghai Downtown. There are a lot of things you can see at Zhujiajiao, such as the well-preserved Ming and Qing architecture, ancient stone bridges, ancient streets, etc.

Nanxun Ancient Town Day Trip

  • Destination: nanxun
  • Highlights: Nanxun Town is located in the north of Zhejiang Province and to the east of Huzhou. This area is the economic hinterland of Yangtze Delta. Nanxun Town was founded at the end of the reign of Emperor Chunyou in Southern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1252) with a history of 754 years.

Xitang 1 Day Tour

  • Destination: xitang
  • Highlights: Xitang is an ancient scenic town, Zhejiang Province, China. It is level, densely distributed with rivers, and has a very quiet natural environment. With nine rivers converging at this town, dividing it into eight sections, there are many bridges linking it together.The modern city is like any other, however, in the older section of town, all the buildings face onto the canals, the true transportation system of the area. Boat tours are available for tourists.

Tongli 1 Day Tour

  • Destination: tongli
  • Highlights: Tong Li is a town in Wujiang county, on the outskirts of Suzhou. It is known for a system of canals reminiscent of Venice, Italy. In 2004, Tong Li together with Luzhi and Zhouzhuang were listed in the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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