Let’s start this amazing journey with a story passed down from generation to generation in China.

In ancient China, people believe that there was some divine dog living in heaven. When he was irritated or starving, he would take a bite of

sun then gorge himself on it, that was why sun would disappear for a while and all you could see was a light ring. Since in agricultural society

sun was crucial for people to have good harvest, people would take out all kinds of gadgets to make noise in order to scare the dog away, so

they could get sun back. As we all know, eclipse only lasts for a few minutes, so soon when people saw sun again they thought their method

worked. People held the opinion that solar eclipses were connected with the fate of a country, so we can find a lot of records of eclipses in

Chinese history.

Nowadays solar eclipse has taken off its mysterious veil and becomes a feast for not only astronomy lovers but also common people. This

year most of the cities in Yangtze River area will witness the spectacular solar eclipse which can be enjoyed by about 400 million people. No

wonder some media named the solar eclipse this year as “eclipse of China”.

As the moon's shadow reaches the coast, China's largest city---Shanghai will experience totality lasting 5 minutes at 01:39UT. Hangzhou, known as “paradise on earth”, will also be a good spot for observe the eclipse. TOC selects cities and spots which are perfect in both scenery and observation and presents you with this meticulously designed itinerary. Witnessing the once-a-lifetime solar eclipse and exploring the highlights of China, TOC will provide you with a trip which will stamp on your mind and can be told to children or grandchildren as your “early years’ expedition”. You can make many friends who share the sameinterest along the way.Don’t hesitate and join us now!

Here is the selected itinerary TOC recommends:

Shanghai & Anji 5 Days Tour-- Total Solar Eclipse Watching Price From USD 257.00

shanghai tours:July 22nd of 2009 is an utterly exciting day to astronomic fans. A total solar eclipse will happen on that day. Where is the best observation place on the Earth? The answer is Anji China, according to the International Astronomical Union. This is the first total solar eclipse in the past 300 years. So how can you miss this once-a-lifetime spectacle? Click to read the map of Anji

Customize your Solar Eclipse Witness Journey:
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Highlights of the Trip:

1、It is generally recognized that Chinese kept the earliest record of solar eclipse while the eclipse this year will be the grandest in 21st century. So take this trip you will witness the most spectacular scene in the most ancient country, which will be doubly meaningful.

2、China will be the best country in the world to observe the eclipse, because in 43 cities more than 400 million people can witness the grand scene.

3、Among the cities where solar eclipse can be seen, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Shanghai are the best observation sites, according to scientists, where the eclipse will last for more than 5 minutes. On the other hand, these cities are also famous for their beautiful scenery and prosperity, which makes them the hottest spots in China. That is why TOC arranges the itinerary in order to satisfy your needs of observation and relaxation.