we are so very pleased with Emily, our guide, and Mr. Su, our driver. They are friendly, professional, accommodating, and nice. They have made this Guilin trip a truly memorable one. Too bad they couldn't have arranged for warmer weather!!!! : - )
On another note, I forgot to mention that the hotel accommodations you secured for us are excellent. The Guilin Bravo Hotel exceeded our expections in every way! I would highly recommend it for future tours that you book to this area.
Client's information: Dr. Joan C. Hubbard
Tour Starting Date: 2011-01-02(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: Guilin+Yangshuo 4 Days Tour
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  It's perfect to tour around Mt. Huangshan in winter. The scenery is so beautiful. Thanks a lot for ur great service.
Client's information: Lijen Tan
Tour Starting Date: 2010-11-20(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: Four Days Tour of Mount Huangshan
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  As an ancient scenic town,Xitang takes on heavy traditional elements of China. the weather here is quite appropriate for people to visit. I enjoy the tour very much, plus, tks for your help!
Client's information: itade yoshinobu, tokyo, japan
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-26(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: Xitang 1 Day Tour
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  It seems to be too short for me to visit nanjing. nanjing is a very nice place, and the people here are also very enthusiastic. next time i will be here and spend more time in visiting
Client's information: Roger Wallace, Miami, USA
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-26(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: One-Day Nanjing Tour Plus One-Night Stay
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  This is a sensational tour that among the 6 cities they have different style. However, thay all have long history and flourish culture. I enjoy my tour very much. I hope I can have another cooperation with you!Thanks!
Client's information: Steve Carter, Vancouver, Canada
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-12(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: 14-day tour Beijing, Mt.Yellow,Suzhou, Zhou Village, Xi'an and Hangzhou
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  These are totally different cities. However, they have their own features so that each of them has its shining part. I am very enjoyble about the tour and your agent's information and help make the tour more easy. I hope I can experience it again.
Client's information: Ralph Conner, Boston, USA
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-16(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: 9-Day Tour to Beijing, Lhasa and Shanghai
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  This is my second tour with you TOC and as always you provided us the best catering and accommodate conditions. Although the guides are not the same as the last tour, they are the same responsible and helpful. This tour introduced the delicate sceneries in estern China and also the historical heritages in western China. China is an amazing land on earth. Again, we want to thank you for this wonderful tour, and wish your company a bright future.
Client's information: Brian Palmer, Los Angeles, the USA
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-09(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: Guangzhou + Yangtze Cruise 7-Day Tour
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  I’ve been working in China for two years and I am going to change my working place. So, I spent my last days in China in traveling. This time I wasn’t in a hurry but carefully appreciated the beautiful sceneries in Yunnan, a diverse paradise. The people there were nice and friendly, they taught me with their songs and dances. Also, I found many interesting and exquisite souvenirs. I believe my sister will like them a lot. Thank you TOC, for having given me such a delightful tour. Best wishes!
Client's information: Roger Dudler, Rorschacherberg, Switzerland
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-12(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: 9 Days Best Selection of Kunming, Dali, Lijiang & Shangri-La
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  Lingering around the city, I smelt the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, which drunk me. This tour provided me a romantic autumn in Nanjing, where falling yellow leaves were swirling in the air and the sky was clear and blue. I also tasted the delicious duck blood soup and the plum flower cake. The views along the Qinhuai River was beautiful and interesting. Thanks to your company. I appreciate a lot for what you have done for me.
Client's information: Felipe Tofani, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-18(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: One-day Experience of Nanjing Local Residents’ Life
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  We are always interested in different ethnic groups in China, and we are glad this tour has offered us many opportunities to have a contact with local residents. We appreciated their sincerity and kindness and also their colorful customs. We had a good time there. Thanks very much, TOC, for completing us such a delightful experience.
Client's information: David Rowbotham, London, Britain
Tour Starting Date: 2009-10-11(GMT+08:00)
Tour Itinerary: Beijing+Xi'an+Ethnic Minority 12 Days
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