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Yangtze River Tours

This river is Asia’s longest and World’s third-longest, flowing one-fifth of China’s land area. Together with Yellow River, Yangtze River is regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Yangtze River Delta is the most prosperous area in China even today. It enchants travelers for its diver beautiful sceneries alongside. World-class cruise companies have set off their luxury ships sailing on this river. Get onboard and find your own Three Gorges.
Dreamlike natural beauty: Yangtze River is the largest and longest river in China, and also the third-longest in the world. Take a cruise on it and take the unique beautiful sceneries into your life-time experience.
Cultural heritages: Yangtze River, together with the Yellow River, is the cradle of Chinese civilization. Cruising along the river, you may have the illusion that you are travelling through the history of thousands years.
Getaway from hustling city life: If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, well, Yangtze River is the right place prepared for you. Refresh yourself in the tranquility.
Worry-free on board experience: World-class cruise ships together with humanistic service will take all your needs into consideration. Just enjoy your time and relax yourself.
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Yangtze River Tours(5 lines in this page. )

Beijing+Xian+Shanghai+Yangtze Cruise 12 Days

  • Destination:
  • Highlights: Beijing and Xian are both ancient cities. Also they were ever capital cities during China’s long history. So there are many historical heritages in these two places, such as the imposing Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors. This tour also covers the Yangtze river cruise. Yangtze River is thought to be the mother river to Chinese. Here in China, people are proud of this beautiful river. On the comfortable cruise, you can relax yourself and enjoy the stunningly beauty of this great river.
  • Price from
  • US $1650.00
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18-day tour to Beijing+Shanghai+Yangtze+ HongKong

  • Destination: beijing→huangshan→shanghai→wuhan→chongqing→guilin
  • Highlights: Hongcun, a villiage, has been lsited as World Heritage. Your may come to this village to find the reasons for yourself. Also in this tour you have the chance to visit China's capital city-Beijing, China's biggest city—Shanghai, cradle of Chinese culture—Yangtze River, and the breathtaking scenery-Guilin.
  • Price from
  • US $2235.00
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Shanghai,Yangtze, Guilin,Beijing 20 days tour

  • Destination:
  • Highlights: This itinerary almost covers all the elite sceneries in China. Your eyes will be fully pleased by the natural beauty and the historical relics in this old country. Modern Shanghai is also included so that you may also feel China’s energetic development. Also you will visit the garden city-Suzhou. Man-made gardens in this city ranks top in China. You will surely be impressed by the exquisite skills of the Chinese ancesters. Beijing, the capitalcity, is the economic and political center of China. Also it is the host city for 29th Olympic Games. In ancient city Xian, you will have the chance to visit the imposing Terracotta Warriors. IGuilin and the Yangtze River Cruise will present you unique natural sceneries.
  • Price from
  • US $2545.00
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11-day tour to Shanghai,Yichang,Yangtze and Beijin...

  • Destination:
  • Highlights: Shanghai is the biggest city in China and also a international metropolitan. Now many foreigners come to this modern city for travelling, business and shopping. Nanjing is an ancient city with abundant historical relics. It was ever the capital of ten dynasties through China’s long history.This tour will also present the opportunity for you to cruise on the Yangtze River-cradle of Chinese culture with spectacular and breathtaking sceneries.
  • Price from
  • US $1130.00
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Guangzhou+Yangtze Cruise 7 Days

  • Destination:
  • Highlights: Gangzhou is one of Chinese big trading ports. Every year, there are kinds of international fairs held in Guangzhou. Businessmen from all over the world assemble in Guangzhou. Guangzhou also attracts millions of visitors with historical relics and its beautiful landscape. Besides Guangzhou, this one-week tour will also present the opportunity for you to cruise on the Yangtze River-cradle of Chinese culture with spectacular and breathtaking sceneries.
  • Price from
  • US $1150.00
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