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Aon Pipe

Blind Frankalso known asBlinding flangeIt is a form of French connection. It is the form of connection of France. In fact, theFranceThere is no hole in the middle of the flange. The middle of the blind flange is solid, with bolt holes around it. It looks like iron cover, so it is also called flange cover. Stainless steel flange cover is called stainless steelBlind Frank. Blind flanges can be flat or convex, concave convex, tongue and groove surfaces and ring joints, but nothing likeCervical flangeThat kind of neck. In a nutshell, the blind flange is used to plug the orifice of the pipe so that the material inside the pipe will not spill out, and is generally used at the end of the water supply branch pipe. During the pressure test, it is also necessary to temporarily plug the temporary pipe section. Some of them are directly withValvess, while some of the originalPipelineThey are no longer in use, so they are covered by blind flanges.
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